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Mercury City

2020 A.D.

The Year is 2020 A.D. The Apocolpyse has reared its head in its final days and the ultimate world war has come to rest. But yet things of darkness and of light of come into the world of man. Rearing an ugly head or turning a beautiful cheek to those that never believe. Or those that did, thought them only of legend.

Demons, Angels, Dieties, Vampires, Werecreatures and others now wander the lands. Trying to make home where they will, or raise terror once again in the weak willed. The Fae have come from the Lands of Avalon. They bring their beautiful artwork and crafts, their skills of magic and some bring their mischief.

The Chosen City or otherwise known as the First City, is Mercury City. It is said it is built from the ruins that were once New York. And it rises from the ruins it once was. Things were as they were back during the start of the millenia but now technology blends with magic. Danger lurks in every corner. Races breed with other races, creating new. The meek are hunted by the predator and only the strongest will survive. But like all circles of life, the circle is ongoing. No one or nothing can hide what hand the Fates deal them.

You are here in the city of new hope, the City Of Mercury City. The population is outstanding for the rise of a new dynasty. 189,000 wonder the streets. Living their lives the best they can. Working besides what they fear most in some cases. Where will your path take you? What will you be in this city? In the city of angels and demons, vampire, werecreature, human and fae. Only you can decide your path, but your destiny is guided by the dieties you follow perhaps.

Mercury City has been based off several game systems and novels. Its a mismatch of Vampire The Masquerade, Werewolf The Apocolypse, Mage The Ascension, Changeling the Dreaming, Demon the Fallen, and some Dungeons and Dragons. Some ideas are merged in from Laurell K Hamiltons Anita Blake series. Also the Immortal like those in Highlander "There Can Only Be One" type characters can be played. Anything ancient to the future. Be creative and have fun.

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