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Struggling from the ashes of the War of the Heavens and Hells. Rises a city reborn...

The city now runs on solar or magic. Some rumor that parts of the city might be fueled by something else but anyone sent to find out has never returned. Most parts of the city is in shambles. Partial buildings or building with windows blown out or now boarded up cover a good portion of the city. Making it ideal for those darker denizens. Other parts are like how it was before the Apocolypse Wars. Business goes on as usual. During this time our government which since then has collapsed declared that the supernatural and other life forms do exist in our every day world. Those beings, some of come to the surface to show their presence. Technology exists but it is rare. The occassional super computer still runs and can access other cities around the world. But these places that hold these are highly protected. Security at the max. Magic now is more rampant, but only the skilled know what they do. Otherwise they suffer the paradox of casting spells beyond their limits. Alien species from other worlds come and go as they please. They study us and at times those secret organizations that are our there, study them. There are those that have mutated from contact with magics, or chemicals or other substances during the Wars. Altering them into super beings. Some fly, some use psionics, some are super strong.. varies per individual.. But their are those that were the strongest and survived that have no special abilities and wonder or stay were they are befriending those of other abilities.

There is now a battle to rule the city among those powerful enough to fight the battles. The vampires, the werecreatures, the fae, mutants, magic users and others fight. Its a power struggle openly fought in the streets at times. With no warning a battle can begin.. ..
There are those born to lead and those to follow.

It is said beyond each corner, danger lurks, behind each wall, ears listen. And in the shadows, there could be eyes. You are your own best friend. Guard well yourself....

You have entered into Mercury City!

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