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This isnt the best stuff in the world but it gives you an idea of things i think about it anyway. Some of this will make you think, others might make you laugh. Just all depends on you.

Mother Earth

Do you hear her cry?
Do you hear her voice on the winds of time?
Do you know what she says to you?
The earth cries,
The winds caress your face,
She simply asks why.
Why did we destroy
What she has given.
Why did we do such a thing.
The earth was beautiful once.
When it was new.
When it was young.
Not filled with the parasite.
The parasite called human.
She shuns us.
We raises our axes,
We raised our blades.
We call upon science.
As we struck into the earth.
Wounding her,
Making her bleed.
When she wakens
In her full fury
Will you be around?
The heavens speak
The hells roar.
She screams
The apocolypse signs
Have began.
Have you heard?
Do you listen?
It comes and here we stand.
With no way to fight
New time
New life.
Earth forgive me.
Please forgive me
For my sins.
Copyrighted:~August 14, 2003 by Janel K.Emerick

Men suck.
They really do.
Either they want
Or they cant do.
Some are ok.
They work hard.
Work steady.
Others sit
On their fat fanny.
Is it too much
Too ask
For a man
That works
Thats funny.
Romantic. Good with money.
But when you ask
For those
You get accused
Of being
A Gold-digger
Tsk Tsk men.
Shame on you.
Pass me up.
I am too good
For Any of you.
Copyrighted: August 11, 2003 by Janel K Emerick
Lonely Road

Sometimes i wonder.
Where i belong in this world.
I look back
And dont see where my path leads.
I am a lost soul.
Forever to wonder.
Stuck on a very lonely road.
In the rain and thunder.
Then i see who i love.
Who i have forgotten.
Again wondering ...
Where am i ?
Where do i begin.
A single rose
A bloodied thorn.
Teardrops in the wind.
Where does my path
Where does it
~Copyrighted~ August 8, 2003 ~By Janel Emerick


Is this the last goodbye?
The last kiss ?
The last embrace?
You use to show me.
How much you cared.
Then it died.
When i showed my love back.
Did you use me?
To make yourself feel good?
Or are you just a lie?
I only asked to be loved.
To be held late into the night.
But you acted like
That was way too hard.
Too hold me
Too love me
The way you use too.
All i wanted to know
Was how much you cared.
But you act like
I am some sort of disease.
Some uncurable plague.
Why did you show me cloud 9?
If you couldnt keep me there.
Why is it so hard to hold me.
When i need a good cry.
So is this the last goodbye?
Do you just not care?
Is this the last goodbye?
~ Copyrighted July 9, 2004. By Janel K. Emerick.

More to come in the future. Some might be darker then you expect and maybe offensive to some but its just me and i am not trying to critize no one... Its just the flow of the music that makes me type what i type sometimes.