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The Family History and Biography of Elowynn Silverwolf continued

An other six mooms pass, and the land seems to still be in ruins. Everything has been cleansed the best they can be with all the magics the fae can summon. But only one thing the best of the priests and priestess can fathom in saving these lands and that is for the Princess ZaIanna to sacrifice her maidenhood to apease the earth goddesses. They fear for the worst, never knowing what had become of her fate. The fae become worried at the missing Prince also and fear now they must start over again, in search of more fertile soils. Not knowing that their kind was cursed until the day ZaIanna swallows her stubborn ways and excepts her hand to be had my Ka-Ruil.

Elsewhere, Ka-Ruil travels the world searching for the maiden he had laid his eyes upon once falling in love with her from that day on. Fighting, many a battle. Substaining many an injury when he comes across a barren wasteland with a single stone spiral in the center of it. He makes his way across the land, only to be hindered by unseen foes. He fights hard, taking more injuries upon old when he finally reaches the base of the tower. Resting for a day before he tries to climb it. Knowing something has to rest way up high. After 9 hours of climbing what seems to be something with no end he comes to rest at the top of the tower and stares at what looks to be in the entrance of a cave. He moans so tired and hungered. He leaves himself in the open to anything that might fly by while he rests. When he hears the most beautiful of voices, so charming and delicate. He believes he hears the voice of the goddesses themselves.

Ka-Ruil follows the song into the cave, finding it winds it way down into the belly of this towering wonder. Down he goes, when he finally comes across the source of the song. ZaIanna stood standing on what looks to be a stage, and a great black dragon, laid there listening. Its head lulled back in forth in tune to the rthym of her voice. She stops singing upon seeing Ka-Ruil. The dragon's head whips about spotting the fairie prince. Its body comes around to be behind it. The dragon not like being disturbed, tail wraps around ZaIanna's waist, holding her back away. When the creature rears its head, taking in a deep breath.

Ka-Ruil not unfamiliar of the ways of dragons, takes his chance, pulling from his back the RoseBlade, Flying quickly anc accurately slashing the creatures throat, preventing it from releasing its great toxins. The prince and dragon battle for almost 4 hours before one lays dead and the other injured severly.

ZaIanna now released from the dragon's tail runs to the wounded Ka-Ruil, bending down to cup him in her hands. She looks down at the small tiny man. Knowing healing, she chants and heals him the best she can.

Many more moons go by, when ZaIanna and Ka-Ruil return to only find the lands abondened and blackened. They look to each other with such love that no one ever thought possible. Finding each others souls to be connected in the travels home. That night before the heavens, they share vows of marriage with one an other. Ka-Ruil using glamor becomes a winged elf to be able to mate with her properly. They lay upon the soils of the river. Ka-Ruil loving her, sets her blood free from the temple of her body. When the magic awakens, and life stems from that spot. The leaves begin to blossom once again, and things once thought dead bloom once more. The two never notice as they couple in their lover's embrace. Only to awaken in the morning to find the lands now so fertile once more. The valley takes on a magical glow. And the two stare in wonderment. The valley begins to rebuild itself. They begin to hear the sounds of birds and other creatures of the forest. When kinfolk start to reappear out of nowhere.

A day goes by, and the valley has returned to his beginning splender. The two kings returned to find son and daughter hand in hand. The kings smile to each other. They sit at the dinner table in what is now the House of Syl. A joint castle controled by fairie and elf alike until... one eve when both kings do not awaken from the slumber.

The fae mourn the deaths of the kings, but letting the offspring take up their place to rule all fae. The couple bring forth many offspring in the marriage. Several sons and several daughters. Not all fae stayed to reside in the valley over the years. Many left to colonize else where in other lush valleys and mounatins.

Almost 160 summers past for the happy couple when ZaIanna gives birth the twin sisters. Marisa and LyZara, dying with their births. The father grief stricken , sends his two daughters off to be fostered elsewhere in other kingdoms. Marisa ending up as a baby in the Temple of the Maidens, LyZara in schooling of other sorts. They never got to know their other family. Making their own friends and acquaintences along the way. Both following in love with two brothers from the Tribe of SilverWolf. Never knowing until later that they were sisters until one eve when they met at the bathing ponds. But that in itself is an other story.

History travels and goes on and on. Until now you find that Marisa's father has stepped down handing his crown to Gareth SilverWolf via the marriage of his daughter, Marisa.

LyZara, secretly envious. Waits plotting her sister's demise falls in love with Gavin Silverwolf. Becoming heavy with child within the first two years of their relations. Marrying Gavin before the child is born. The child is then born, a daughter so frail, that certain death was thought to take her. The daughter, they named Elowynn. End up surprising everyone and fought a long hard battle to stay alive.

As the years raged on, and mother raged war against her own sister. Breaking off from the House of Syl, tearing apart the two SilverWolf brothers in the process. Took her daughter, and her husband and left to start anew elsewhere. When a mysterious sickness took the lives of the former RoseBlade twins. Taking Marisa to her grave before she was able to conceive a child for the throne and leaving Gareth heartbroken and suicidal with the death of his beloved.

LyZara laying dead beside Gavin come one morning. Dead from the mysterious sickness.

Both sisters were taken to theShadow River and buried side by side. The soils from that point forth never had anything grow from it again. The River given the name from that point because it was always rumored even in the darkest of night the shadows of the sisters where seen.

The SilverWolf brothers gathered their things. Gavin readied his daughter and himself when the council of elders came forth and took the child from him. Saying the soul heir must remain behind. It was her fate. Gavin fought long and hard against the rules and laws of the council before his brother, Gareth had him convinced to leave.

The Story Continues