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~Biography continued~

Elowynn was taken into the custody of the court. Raised and groomed to be a leader. Taught all the courtly etiquette and skills needed of one of her station. Taught the many herbs and potions of healers. The ways of the elements. How to understand the speech of other living creatures, and those of the plants and the rocks.

She learned much of this quite well. Learning rapidly and quickly for a girl of her age. Her interest laid elsewhere. Her desires to travel, to see the world. To know what was beyond the secluded boundries she had known. She would petition against the council as she grew more and more into the age of young adulthood to let her travel. To learn and to understand perhaps of her neighbors, of other races, of other lands. But the council would hear nothing of it.

Until when one eve, while she rested in the gardens of her Aunt beneath the pale moonlight. A shadow stepped up behind her. Talking to her, soothing her with his charming words. Coaxing her to do as she pleased. Seducing her with his voice, his charm for her to leave this land behind and see the world if that is what she chose to see.

She heeded the mysterious voices words as she laid in her bed that night. Waking early, she set into motion from a few closer friends, in gathering up the items needed for a hasty leave of the grounds.

Her friends over the course of six moons set plans into action. Sending ahead several scouts, so Elowynn could travel about safely. Places to stay were aquired ahead of time. Many placed researched for their beauty and splendor. So Elowynn would see some of the world at least before she was crowned Queen of the Fae and before she would search for her life mate.

Leaving one evening when the moon was high and full in the night sky. She left under the cover of a storm she had summoned. The winds swept about the lands wildly as the rains came hard driving most into the shelters of their homes. She left with only two bodyguards, magical bags containing her supplies of potions and brews for all sorts of things she might encounter. To coin and wealth.

Elowynn and her two companions traveled for two moons before word ever arrived to them on the wings of a hawk of what had transpired with her leaving. The council was in an uproar and hired the best of the best to go in search of the soon to be Queen. Even the return of her father, Gareth. Gareth bringing his own to go in search of her. Elowynn though was determined not to be found. Using her glamours to hide her appearance when the need would arise. Eluding for many more moons to follow.

As Elowynn entered into her third month of her travels. Problems erupted, as the trio came across a brigands camp , only to be ambushed the following night. Her guards were slain and she was taken captive. When it was found as to who she was by the band of humans, half-elves and renegade fae. They started to try to bargain with those back at the House of Syl. Asking for obscene amounts of money and other services. But at least with the presence of other fae there. They made sure she kept her honor in their faces and still treated with respect as one should treat a lady.

Then an other week had passed, and Elowynn sat alone in her prison. Waiting for the sums of wealth and other gifts that these brigands asked for that the shadow came again. Chanting its spell, she slept. Only to awken in the morning to find the brigands dead and brutally slain by something. Even the messengers sent by her father laid their dead. Anything of value was missing. Looked to her like the work of perhaps an other group of brigands. Perhaps maybe a dragon or something else. Saddened by the loss of the fae folks. She said her prayers to her diety. Doing her best to give those rightful burial. As she did so, by luck, she suppose she came across a small bag of platinum, her spellbooks, a small magical dagger and a small magical pendant. She gathered up with what she could find, enough stuff to survive for several weeks. Clothing,beddng, a tent, food and the like. With these things. She left the site of the slain.

It is from here her journeys begin to find her way in the world. Perhaps to find a new home. Or to return back to the one she had before. Elowynn seeks to learn and teach as she goes. To meet new friends and hopefully not to make enemies. The story of Elowynn will be long but leaves many to return to read her story... will you be one of them?

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