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The Family History and Biography of Elowynn Silverwolf

The mists drift up from the river's shores. Drifting lazily across the valley and up the steep slopes of Taragor, the cliffs that protect the Valley of the Fae. A lone being stands on the precipace staring out across these lands, as the sun begins to slowly rise in the distance. Dressed in dire wolf skins, and leather boots. His dark brown hair whips around him, un-tethered. He is elven, holding his head proud and high. A throng of a few hundred stand 500 yards behind him. Awaiting for his word to descend down into the valley and begin to build. Those that wait have chosen him to be their chiefton by Right of the Dragon. A test among his kind, in which he had to slay the venerable beast that terriozied their former home. A hundred left to become what he become and only he had returned. Za-Esti Alean-Raheal, The Royal Elf of the Noble Line of the Gods.

Za-Esti watches as the sun makes its full peak and its first rays of sun spread across the valley. His eyes watch as the fairy awaken and rise to play in the rays. The fairy stop and look up the cliffs sensing the eyes of other unknowns upon them. An elder fairy, his hair braided at his beard and back, his wings silver and greyed flies up and flutters before Za-Esti, speaking in a gruff tongue but completely elven. The being bows at the waist and a little crown slides forward onto his brow, the fairy pushes it back and smiles as he looks at Za-Esti.

"Hail thee, Chiefton Alean-Raheal. I welcome thee to the Valley of the Fae. I am Ly-Mai Cla-Tahl. King of the Fairie, Wolf Slayer with the RoseBlade. I see word has traveled to you on the wings of messengers , welcoming you to come make your home here, Great Dragon Slayer."

Ly-Mai , holds his hand to be shaken. Za-Esti nods in greeting and clasps the small creatures hand gently.

"Hail thee, Ly-Mai. We are most gracious for your invite."

Ly-Mai flutters his wings happily. And the pair begin to talk more. Before descending down into the valley. Za-Esti's tribe follows them down at a distance carrying with them what they can. Plenty a gift for their hosts and hostesses. They in a days time begin to build with the aid of the fairie folk.

Many moons go by and the elves and fairie live in perfect harmony with one an other. Great citadels and towers shine with the rays and beauty of the sun and moon. The magic blossoms, building as temples are made to the Gods and Goddesses of Fae. The brownies come, the dryads, nymphs, satyrs and centaurs to welcome the breathen and to worship at these newly forged temples.

  The kings go about royal matters, signing a promisary of marriage between their children. Ly-Mai's son and Za-Esti daughter, to seal their forever alliance.  

 The fairie king introduces his son, Ka-Ruil Cla-Tahl, fairie prince. His son having being gone for his quest to prove his progression of youth into manhood. Ka-Ruil, a young fairie male no older then 120 summers.

Za-Esti and Ka-Ruil become great friends. Though Za-Esti is older then he by almost 6 decades. When Za-Esti sends for his daughter from the Temple of the Maidens on an a plane of magic. A plane that no man is able to pass. For only women dwell here. Za-Ianna Awen-Rretu,Royal Lady of the Noble Line of the Heavens, having taken her own surname from the isles, returns home at her father's bequest. A priestess of the Great God, Zir-Borgoth, first frowns upon hearing about her hand being promised. For she is the God's maiden in her mind, and his alone. Locks herself up in a tower of spells and traps.

Ly-Mai and Za-Esti grow angered with one an other. And the bickering begins. A war begins among the fae. A bloody battle that travels upon the winds. A moon later as the sounds of swords and beast fill the air, the sounds of an other horn of war rages and the goblins and their ilk flow into the battle. Killing and raping everything in its sight. >p>From her tower, ZaIanna watches safely the blood the spills down below her. Aching to go to her fathers side, when one eve, when the battles had raged for many moons almost non stop between all of those below. Fairy against elf and goblinoid, ogre and orc and all the other combinations. She watches as the centaurs take riders upon their backs of both elf and fairie alike, and begin to turn the tide against the winning goblionoid kind. The elves and fairy and other fae begin to fight side by side to turn back the evil that has swampped down into these lands. When a great wyrm flies over head and comes straight at her tower. Toppling it to the ground almost killing her. She goes dark , to wake days later in the lair of the beast. Chainned like a slave, shackled to the wall. Never knowing her country man's fate.

The dragon looks to his capture, studying her in everyway. When he shifts into a more humanoid form. Taking on the form of a hooded man, with no face but a universe in its place. The room fills chilled and the being reaches out to caress her face. A deep voice that rings speaks, "This is my wish, this is my will. Do as bidded child. Your fate has and will be sealed." ZaIanna, shocked and stunned tries to drop her knees, to worship the ground of the being before her. Knowing now quite well, Zir-Borgoth stands there now.

Meanwhile, the battle rages on. King fights beside king. Knocking back the forces. When a mighty brute of an ogre stands there seemingly in command sends forth an other wave of fighters knocking back what the fae have gained back so far. A whiney is heard, and a small figure upon a unicorn rides into the fray, the unicorn has its horn lowered charges the great ogre, piercing him through. The ogre stumbles as the horn comes from him. The ogre's blood sprays in front and back, before long the ogre drops, making a loud noise and shaking the ground momentarily. The rider upon the unicorns back brandishes some enchanted blade with a rose woven arounds its base, when the dragon swoops down and takes the Maiden ZaIanna away.

The battle rages many days before finally the tide is once again in fae favor. Finally the goblins and others begin to retreat back from where they came. Leaving the valley in much ruin and decay. The kings look to each other battle weary and numbers limited. They shake hands and retire to speak on politics on the morrow. But a young fairie man can not sleep. His mind wondering to the maiden he seen captured in a dragon's embrace, goes out in search of her that late eve.

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