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Elowynn SilverWolf

Name:Elowynn SilverWolf

Race: Seelie Fae {Looks to be elven}

Age: 116 {approx. 18 human years}

Height: 5 ft 5 inches

Weight: 89 lbs

Offspring: None

Family: Two; Gareth ~ Father, Gavin ~ Uncle


Magically enhanced long blade {usually hidden on her at all times and hidden among the folds of her clothing}

Vampiric dagger (drains an additional point of blood from victim, adding it temporarily to wielders hitpoints) kept in a thigh holder.


All elemental magics. (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Not limited to main four elements. Also minor quasi-elements.)

Fae Glamour (Allows appereance to be altered. Can change hair, eye and skin colors at will. Can appear to be of either sex. Or can appear to be human, elven, or half-elven)

Natural forms (Elf, Phoenix, and Dragon. Can shift to any of her given forms as often as she wants with no penalities. Part of her true bloodlines.)

Shapeshifting (Any form available. Not necessarily gaining that forms abilities)

Fae Knowledge (Fae languages, fae history, fae traditions...)

Animal and Plant communcications and empathy.( Can commune with animals in form of speech or a form of telepathy. Understanding their needs and wants. Per example, can communicate with a tree to find out maybe when something just pass through the area last. Or a horse to find out why it gives its rider such hassle.)

Heart of the Woodlands (The ability to call upon nature to heed her bidding. To form like an "army" persay to protect itself and others. Trees, and creatures, the earth and anything else located in designated area will heed the call.)

Voice of the Golden Harp (Her voice has the ability to charm anyone and everything. Calming them to a trance like state. Very effective against huge groups of people.)

Healing and Resurecction (Can heal the most deadliest of wounds at will. Can only ressurect but once a moon.)

Chronomancy (The ability of time travel or planar/dimensional travel)


All fae (seelie and unseelie court. Can consists of as much as the lowly creatures such as goblins, or the like. To Elven.) Dragon Common (the common tongue spoken between dragons no matter species of dragon or their alignments), Phoenix


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