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Name: Chasity Michaels
Age: 19
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 117 lbs
Profession: College Student


Born to Joshua and Korine Michaels. Chasity was raised in a very devote Catholic home. Until the age of 3 when her mother died of "unnatural causes" and her father took up robes of becoming a priest. Father Michaels moved himself and his daughter far away from the United States and moved to Europe where he became the head priest of a parish there. His daughter, Chasity, was raised from that point on by her father, other priests and by the nuns. Eventually attending the all-girls private school.

Chasity kept to her studies as much as she kept to her faith in God. She visited her father much in over the course of years, staying as emotionally close as one could. Becoming devestated at his loss, 12 years later at the age of 15, due to the same circumstances that had claimed her mother. The reality of it was always hidden from her as to what it was that claimed lives. She still was naive to the fact, but if she knew she would probably go insane for their lives were taken by those of a gang of vampires. Vampire in which her father had hunted and slain many of their ilk in the years before he became a priest. These same vampires took their vengence out on her mother, and then years later to take it out on her father. But now, Chasity, being the only remaining one in her family was targeted for either becoming like them or perishing. And she was innocent as ever to knowing the fact.

Chasity know tends Oxford during the fall, winter and spring. Returning to the Americas during the summers. Where to her surprise she had amassed a huge fortune from being the heir to her father's previous finances. Finances he did not give to the church but left behind for her in a trust fund. Chasity has enough funds to live happily on for the rest of her life. Currently though she wonders the United States in trying to find her inner self. Giving to those less fortunate at times during her travels.

She is usually found always at Mass on Sundays at any local Catholic Church in any town she is in. But in the last six months with an encounter or two she has had. Her faith and the realization of the harsh realities of the world has altered her look on life. She no longer dresses so consertive but in more relaxing style of clothes. She is also at times seen sitting in a bar talking with strangers.

More info on Chasity to follow in later updates.