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The wild plains of GnomeVille

Life With Cornswallow AKA Grayson

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In the world of Cornswallow the dancing biblical gnome, Cornswallow has the wildest adventures with his two best friends, FizzHoney the shinanigan boy, and StinkyWashbasin the unclean mastermind. together these three biblical gnomes go through dense jungles, wide open plains and deep, deep,deep, arctic cavers. Cornswallow was abandoned by his parents, and was raised by gerbels named henry&lorreta. though he grew up to be the best darn gnome in all of GnomeVille he still was confused about his past. It was hard for Cornswallow to accept the fact that he was not a gerbel but a gnome, a gnome from GnomeVille. Cornswallow feels he must find himself in his past, so he runs away. Cornswallow meets up with two other gnomes and they are friends from then on. ---cornswallow is featured bellow--- Cornswallow and his friends set out to find the lost city of HAAAAAAAAAMOOOOOOOOFRRRRRRRRREEEEEE!!!!!!! but along the way they pick up many more quests, and the first one is going to blow you away. It was the first week of may, and flowers were just starting to blossom, the forest of Greenbeas was peacefuly silent. But a never ending buzzing noise filled the forest. the buzzing noise was always there, it shook the dew on the awakening buds, and made the bees run for there lives, but no one had ever figured out what it was. then the silence was broken with the footsteps and laughter of the three little biblical gnomes, Cornswallow the leader of the pack, and his two best friends fizzhoney, and stinkywashbasin. they all skipped lightly while joined hands and sang gayly to the mornin' come "Ooooooo, tra la la and a mary to ya" cornswallow sang happily, "Ooooooo, tra loo loo, and a marry to youuuuuu" Fizzhoney replied just as happily, "Ooooooo, marry to ya and a marry to u, thats all fine and dandy but what about a mary to meeeeeeee." they all stopped and giggled over there fun little song.Then they all stopped instinctivly. "BOOM" came an earsplitting noise that could have made the bravest warrior run away crying. "What the bloody wus thot" asked fizz in a quevering voice "BOOM" the noise sent ravens running away with there tail feathers between there legs. " I think we should leave now boys." said cornswallow trying to look as brave as he could. but before they could even turn to run a giant green dragon came into view. at first glimpse you would have fainted at the sight of the gargantuan beast, but when you looked hard at him he kinda looked cute. "Hello theyer i'm pontiac the dragon." said the Booming voice. "I have a problem, could ya all help me with it?" the three gnomes just sat there for a second trying to understand what the bloody heck was going on. Finally cornswallow spoke up, " what's the problem, pontiac, i meen mr.pontiac sir?" "Well chap my wings are much to small to be supportin' me wieght, ya see," at that the dragon revealed a very tiny set of wings, and started to wiggle them. "I can't fly, i don't even get of the ground darn it!" said Pontiac with a tear rolling down his snout. "don't be said pontaic, stinky here is a genius, he'll figure out whats wrong." said cornswallow in a comforting voice. " yes cornswallows right i'll figure it out, infact i already have! okay so you have three options to chose from, first option is you could go on a diet-----" "hey" broke in pontiac, " two you could luanch yourself of a cliff with a cataputs------" "Oooooooo noway" screamed pontiac his eyes gettin bigger with suprise, " Or you can ask me politely and i'll enchant you so your wing get bigger." " well that sounds good, will you please enchant me?" " i'd be delighted to" stinky rolled up his sleeves, took three breaths and chanted..."Inlargio biggo, ummmmm... biggero, ummmm,errrr, ahhhhh,squack!!!!!!!!" a rush of blue light shot out of stinkies finger tips, and swirled around pontiacs tiny wings, getting faster, and faster, and faster, and faster until it was sooooooo fast that all you could see was a blue blur getting bigger, and bigger until it all died down. when all the light had disappeared two giant dragon wings appeared. "wow there wonderful!" pontiac started to flap his enormous new wings, one, two, three flaps, and his bodey was lifted off the ground. " gee you guys this is the greatest thing ever, you deserve a reward." at that his bodey landed back on the rocky forest path. "Follow me i shall take you to my den of magic." he brought the three biblical gnome of the path, up a cliff, around a bend, over a stream, down a valley, and finally after what had seamed to be a few hours they got to a giant cave. well here it is, the great den of Magic.each of you take anything you want. " well it was are pleasure to help you out so there is no need for a rewa--------"corswallow started but before he could finish, " shut your mouth cornswallow we did a good deed so we deserve a REWARD!!!!!" fizz broke in. "fine but not to much." cornswallow and stinky stayed out thanking pontiac for a few moments while fizz ran in as fast as his legs to carry him.