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I can be e-mailed for prices on your custom built cage. All cages come in kit form and will require you to put them together. The travel cage will come together. More to be added later. When e-mailing me please let me know the Size in Feet so I can better give a price for how much it will cost. Please allow 4 weeks to delivery.

My Sample Cages

The featured cages here can be purchased on demand. I have in stock most of the time..

Travel Cages

This Travel Cage is $25.00. It has a open bottom to place heat packs in so you can take your small reptile anywhere or ship them.

4FT Cage

This is a $400.00 cage. It is 4FT long X 3 FT deep X 3.5 FT High.You could enjoy watching any small animal or Reptile in this. I love this one. It is big so you can put your male and female together. I will also make a breeder habbit to place in when you are ready to breed.


This Cage is 5 FT tall X 3 Ft Deep X 3 Ft wide. She is run you about $600.00. It has 2 entries even though you can only see one. You can request for one.Now this is a sample. You can not get the wire ramps that are shown.