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Akashic Infinitum

Larger List

-DVD Version 2.7-


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The Yahshuan Archives - Akashic Infinitum:

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Older Updates

12-02-2005 to 25-11-2005 (DVD Version 2.0)
19-01-2006 to 25-08-2006 (DVD Version 2.1)
26-08-2006 to 31-12-2006 (DVD Version 2.2)

01-01-2007 to 31-05-2007 (DVD Version 2.3)
01-07-2007 to 05-11-2007 (DVD Version 2.4)
07-11-2007 to 10-01-2008 (DVD Version 2.5)
29-01-2008 to 22-12-2008 (DVD Version 2.6)

Biography / Autobiography

Children's Books (Educational & Fun)


Fairy Tales and Fables for Children Enter

Collected Fairy Tales (Many Stories in Each Book)

Fairy Tales by Country (Many Stories from a Country in Each Book)

Single Fairy Tales (Single stories per Book)

True Stories (Biographies and History written for Children) Enter

Individual Biographies (Famous People from History)

Compiled Biographies (Famous People from History)

Educational books Enter

General Knowledge

Home Schooling & Educational Materials

General Children's Stories

Looking after Pets

Religious Stories for Children Enter

Christian / Christianity

Bible Stories

Stories about Christian Saints and Heroes

General Christian Materials and Stories


Food Related (Preserving and Making)

Alternative Energy and Fuel Sources

Crafts, Hobbies and Skills

Farm, Animal & Cultivation Related (General)

Other Self-Sufficiency Skills (Miscellaneous)


Books Written by Cults

Moonies (Unification Church)


Father / Mother Divine (The Peace Mission Movement)

Books Written by Break-a-Way (and Reform) Movements (of Cults)

Divination (Fortune Telling, Dreams etc)

Environment & Ecological Issues

Flat / Hollow Earth (related) Books / Weird


Herbal Remedies

Natural Health and Home Remedies

Food Related (Health and Cures)

Orthodox & Alternative Health (General Healing)

Alternative Health for Animals & Pets

Recipes (Kosher, Vegetarian and/or Vegan only)

Vegan Only Recipes and Books

Vegetarian (and Vegan) Recipes and Books

Vegetarian & Meat Dishes


General History

Specific Histories (of Countries, Peoples etc)

Greek and Roman History

Europe (General Histories)

Pacifica Histories (Australia, New Zealand, The Islands etc)

Religions (General Histories)




Smaller Christian Sects





Special Collections (Multi-Volumes)

The History of Rome (Vols. 1-3. Books 1-38) by Titus Livius (translated by D. Spillan)

Beacon Lights of History (Vols. 1-14)

Other (Miscellaneous) Histories

Human Issues

Self-Improvement and Self-Help

Psychology / Behaviour

Social Issues (Sociology)

Human Sciences, Scientific Issues and Theories

Britannica Illustrated Science Library ~ Volumes 1-16

Physics & The Universe


Martial Arts & Self Defence

Martial Arts (Skills & Techniques)

Martial Arts (Weapons, Weaponry Techniques & Skills)

Self-Defence (General Books)

Meditation & Mind Improvement


Mind Improvement

Myth, Mythology, Folklore, Legend and Anthropology

Stories and Tales

General Works

New Age / Occult / Esoteric


General Books

New Age

Occult, Esoteric and Magic

Miscellaneous Books

Philosophy, Metaphysics & Mysticism / Non Theism (Atheism etc)

General Philosophical and Mystical Books

Books by Rudolf Steiner

Other Books (Miscellaneous)

Politics (Various Political Systems) / Conspiracy (Various)

Religious Belief and Faith Materials

Religious / General (Non Specific)

Manuscripts, Fragments and Scrolls

Prayer / General (Non Specific)



Scriptures Enter

From the Bab

From Baha'u'llah

From Abdu'l-Bahá (Abdu'l-Baha)


Books Enter

Articles, Booklets and Pamphlets Enter

Buddhism / Zen Buddhism


Buddhist Scriptures

General Works (on, by or about Buddhism)

Buddhist Related Books

Deeper Buddhist Teachings and Issues

Buddhist History

Theravada Books (General) [Enter]

Theravada Articles (General) [Enter]

Zen Buddhism

Chinese Literature and Sacred Writings


Chinese Scriptures (Including Compilations and Commentaries)

Chinese Literature and Books (Including Historical and General Works)



The Bible (Sacred Scriptures)

Christian Books (General) Enter

The Big Questions

Biographies, Autobiographies, Lives of the Saints etc Enter


Modern (Biographical)

Comparative Religion and Christian Apologetics Enter

World Religions, Cults and Sects (General)


Hinduism (Including Hindu related Sects and Cults)



Christian Science

Jehovah's Witnesses

Mormons (Latter Day Saints)




Theology and Doctrines (Various) Enter

Bible and Christian Doctrinal Studies (For Beginners)

Theology and Doctrines (For Mature to Advanced Christians)

Religious Issues (Social, Environmental, Moral, etc)

Science and Creationism Enter

Prophecy Enter

General (Non-Specific)

Historicist Interpretation

Futurist Interpretation

British Israelism

Miscellaneous / Unknown

Extra Biblical Works


Dead Sea Scrolls (Related Works and Collections)

Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (Related Works and Collections)

Gnostic Texts (Related Works and Collections)

Individual Books, Manuscripts and Fragments

Special Collections (Historical and Classical Texts)


Single Volumes and/or Works

The History of Protestantism (Vol. 1-3)

History of the Scottish Nation (Vol. 1-3)

A History of the Baptists (Vol. 1-2)

History of the Christian Church (Vol. 1-8)

The Catholic Encyclopedia (Vol. 1-16)

The Golden Legend or Lives of the Saints (Vol. 1-7)

The Early Church Fathers

Smaller Christian Pamphlets, Tracts and Booklets

Christian Apologetics (Various Groups)

Jehovah's Witnesses

Mormonism and Freemasonry

General Groups & Topics

General Topics

Tracts (General)

Doctrinal Topics


The Sabbath, Feast Days and the Law

General Teachings and Doctrines

Prophecy (Different Interpretations and Views)

Dawn Bible Students Association

Christian Comics

Christian Sects (Books Written By) - Enter




Pamphlets / Booklets

About the Bible

Various Issues (Social and Religious)

Doctrines and Beliefs


Christian Science Books


Books by Mary Baker Eddy

Christian Science Scriptures

Authorative Books and Works

Books by other Christian Scientist Authors

Emanuel Swedenborg (The New Church)

Books by Emanuel Swedenborg

Smaller Booklets and Pamphlets (Various Authors)

Jehovah's Witness Books


Older Books

Charles Taze Russell (The Founder -1st President)

Joseph Franklin Rutherford (2cnd President)

Other Authors

Unnamed Authors

Older Pamphlets

Newer Books

Newer Pamphlets

Mormons, Latter Day Saints and Related Groups

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Main Utah Based Group)

LDS Scriptures

LDS Books

LDS Booklets and Pamphlets

LDS Special Collections

The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

RLDS Scriptures

RLDS Booklets and Pamphlets

Oneness / Apostolic Groups

General Oneness and Apostolic Books (unspecified)

United Pentecostal Church


Smaller Booklets and Articles

Sacred Name Movement

General / Non-Denominational

Sacred / Holy Name


Holy Days

Living and Family


Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly

The Assemblies of Yahweh

Yahweh's Evangelical Assembly

The House of Yahweh

Winnipeg Assembly of Yahweh

Holy Days (including the Passover Controversy)

Doctrinal Issues (General)

Assembly of Yahweh (7th Day)

Assembly of YHWH'S People

Yahweh's Philadelphia Truth Congregation

Yahweh's Assembly in Messiah

Seventh Day Adventist Books

Books by Ellen G. White

Books (General)

Special Collections (General Sets)

Doctrinal Works


Ordinances (Baptism, Footwashing etc)

The Bible

The Sabbath & The Law

Tongues (Glossolalia)

The Occult

Hell and The State of The Dead

Other Topics and Issues


Adventist Related


Sects and Cults

Other World Religions

Books on Prophecy

Children's Books

Special Studies and Collections

Library of Sermons (by Joe & Dennis Crews)

Truth For These Times (Bible Lessons 1-50b)

Life's Vital Answers (Bible Lessons 1-24)

Bible Lessons (Bible Lessons 1-52)

The Revelation Seminars (Lessons 1-24)

S.D.A. Reform and Break-away Movements

The New Life Mission



(Herbert. W. Armstrong and groups related to or have broken away from the WCOG)

World Wide Church of God Enter

Note: (Books by Herbert W. Armstrong unless otherwise indicated)

Intercontinental Church of God (Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association)

Note: (Books by Garner Ted Armstrong unless otherwise indicated)

Living Church of God

Note: (Books by Roderick C. Meredith unless otherwise indicated)

Philadelphia Church of God

Note: (Books by Gerald Flurry unless otherwise indicated)

The Restored Church of God

Note: (Books by David C. Pack unless otherwise indicated)

The United Church of God

Hindu / Hinduism


Classical Texts and Scriptures Enter

General Books and Writings Enter

Books and Writings from Hindu Sects (Various) Enter

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Enter

Radha Soami Satsang Beas (& Related Groups) Enter

Books by The Divine Life Society (DLS) Enter

Dada Bhagwan Foundation

Other Groups (Various)

Islam / Muslim


Sunni Books Enter

Sunni Pamphlets Enter

Shi'ite Books Enter

Sufi Books

Jain / Jainism


Jain Scriptures

Jain Books and Articles

Sikh / Sikhism


Sikh Scriptures

Sikh Books (History & General Works)

Zoroastrian / Zoroastrianism


Zoroastrian Scriptures

Zoroastrian Articles and Booklets (General)

Zoroastrian Articles and Booklets (Open Assemblies)

Zoroastrian Articles and Booklets (Closed Assemblies / Fundamentalist)

Special Collections

Sacred Books of the East (50 Volume Set)

The World Gospel Series (26 Volume set)

Spiritism & Spiritualism (Spiritualist and Mediumistic Works)

Spiritual (Experiential, Magic etc)

Supernatural / Psychic / Miracles

Thanatology & the Issue of Suffering

The Questioning of Suffering

Life After Death (Beyond Death)

UFO / Aliens


Wisdom Literature, Poetry and Prose

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