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My Information

Odd Little Tory [ChLoE]
34232 {RMA}
Dark Goddess eve

HEY! fuck you! go away! youre not wanted here! LoL Why are you even reading this?From What I say About myself you'll only hate me! So who the fuck cares? LoL Ok Ok Ok. Damn calm down! I'm Tory,16. Super crazy, I talk to myself, do the dumbest things..LoL I love bondage! Some at least Lol. Blood is..OoOoO os yummy.I wanna be bitten everywhere and peirced to! yey! I'm in love with a skater boi,Anthony. SOmetimes I just hate it. Others its a pleasent feeling. I also love lots of other guys. Andrew ,Jimmi{He was nice},Patrick ::shakes head:: , Steve{forever and ever asshole!},Cody{I miss you boy! Fucking come back! LoL}Joe And of course They ALL deserve better! Well, the ones I dated at Oh jesis what more can I say? I'm Psychotic lover who breaks hearts and only deservces apin, and enjoys it most of the time.Who hates guys and theyre kdjflkjafkljf Not even gonna go there,With really up and down mood swings. BUT YOU GOTTA LOVE ME! BC I'll entertain you or just bore you to death either one Goood day :-!