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clan dragon19

ok this is one very special clan! we will have wars and will prevail. you all have been hand selected by me archgod and some of my clan members. this clan is very special because we give u what u want if u email me. u need to email me at u need to email me ur user name and password to b a member and ask wat u want to b given. but wait!!!!!! before u think this is a scam look at the next couple of pics and u will c i really do give u the things u want!!!!!! i give u stuff from wars etc... we loan wat we win in wars or pking. THE ITEMS U CAN ASK FOR NOW ARE RUNE LARGE, R2HS (PLENTY OF EM), FULL MITH, FULL BLACK, STR POTS, ONE SET OF RUNE LEGS, ONE ADAMITE PLATE, LOTS OF FOOD,AND UP TO 50K PER PERSON. i have 2 comps next to each other so i get on ur name and give u wat u wanted. THE REASON I CANNOT GIVE U THE STUFF NORMALLY IS BECAUSE I AM FISHING FOR THE MANY REQUESTS I HAVE AND I ONLY GET ON AT 3AM EASTERN SO U WILL PROBABLY NOT B ON. if u r tell me i will b on. the reason im only on then is cause im in college and i dont get bak till 2:30am.

An examples of a person who got free stuff! ( for proof)