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Background Submission Form

I have always wanted to make a background site, but didn't like the idea of having a million backgrounds filling up bandwidth and hard drive space on my computer and such. Something else I noticed was sometimes I'll be looking for a paticular background, but either have no idea where to find it or can't be able to at the background site I'm browsing at. I have no clue whether or not this difficulty belongs only to me or to others, but either way, I have a feeling this tool can be of use.

So instead of searching among pages and pages of disorganized backgrounds, simply fill out this form and a background will be sent whizzing your way. Whether I make this background myself or it has been borrowed for your use with permission, PLEASE do not claim the work as your own. If you do, theft of other's material is illegal and I can always stop you from using the code. So don't do it.

All information sent to us is kept completley private. Your email address is required to send you your background code, but we will not contact you again via your email without permission, or divulge it to spammers or advertising sites.

What category would you like your background to fall into? (Elemental, Fantasy, Animals, People, or insert your own.):

Is there a certain format you'd like your background to be in? (If so, please specify; e.g JPG, GIF, etc. If you don't know what this means then please ignore it):

How large do you want your background?:

What is your email address? (information will be kept private, this is required to send you your background code):

Please give some details about what you want your background to look like.

Do you want your background given with an HTML code? (if you select no, it will be given in a CSS code. If you don't know what this means, please select Yes):

Your background will be sent to you via email within a week. If your background has not arrived in up to a week, please use the form below.

If your background has not arrived in a week's time, please use this form:

How long ago did you request a background?:

What is your email address?:

Please give a summary of the details that you requested in your background.

Thank you for sending in this form. An email will be sent shortly acknowledging this query, and it may or may not contain your background. Thank you for your patience.