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Mission: To gather information of a certain topic from the many sites out there, and bring it all into one useful web site. And to cut back on the searching and mixed options and false facts. Please enjoy my work!
    I am still working on the Water Conditions page. I'll start work on the disease pictures right after. I got the Site Feedback up. I still hope to get a forum up and running soon.
    I am back from my trip to the Newport Aquarium and the Cincy Zoo. I have filled two 27 picture film rolls. I'll try to get them developed in a week or two and scan the ones that come out good.
Last Updated: Monday, August 25, 2003 at 09:08 PM EDT
Updates Made:
    8/20/03 - Updated the look on the Fish Disease and Pest page.
    8/20/03 - Added the Fish Anatomy Page.
    8/22/03 - Added Water Conditions page. (Incomplete)
    8/25/03 - Updated errors on articles and Added Site Feedback. Please send me feedback on suggestions, dislikes, likes, and any spelling errors or incorrect information you may find. Thank you.
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