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When  you look at Anne Mari the first thing you notice is Leaf Green Cat eyes, then her long Red hair.  She is also very pette, under 5', but has a very nice figure.  She normally wears greens/browns/gold/black.  Her shoes are either her brown soft leather boots, or her new broken in tennis shoes.  Most time her hair is covered with a bandana.


Her style has changed since she has been in the US... now she wears almost anything she wants, but stays with the similar coloring.  But at times she wears a work out clothing of a Black halter top with Chinese characters of Angel on the front with dragons.  Her pants for this outfit are White with dragons going down one leg, while the other leg has the kanji for Energy.

~> For other ppl who need stats App 3.**


A home taught Verbena, that has learned many traditions from her grandmother.