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Anne Mari

Anne Mari was born on the Scottish Highlands, and lived with her parents.  During her fourth winter she lost her parents to illness. Your Grandmother Rose Mari took you in, she is a great healer of the Dragonhold, Ireland-Parish.  She wanted to like her.  Since the death of her parents, Anne has had dreams and visions. People of the parish have said that she has the gift of "Second-Sight".  Grandma taught you never to fear or doubt her dreams, for the "Gift" was apart of the Family Tradition.  The dreams continue to this day. 

As she grew Rose gave Anne a great work ethic and  heal with herbs, potions and the Traditional ways.  Anne never really made friends easy, but she did have one lover, now dead.  Around her Sixteenth Summer, she volunteered at her local "Poor" hospital as a "Candy-Striper".  As time passed you trained and learned enough to become an RNP.  With Anne's help the hospital has been able to help the Parishes with Traditional and new ways.  Though you are not a traditional healer, one who deals with spirits, you are a healer who respects and understands the old ways.

About 2 weeks before All Hallows Eve, 5 years back, a strange vision came Anne while she slept. " (Anne) is walking by the local lake, and comes upon a pile of rocks, one of which is of golden color.  While looking at that rock, it hatches, out comes a baby dragon of golden color.  It will become her friend and protector."  The next day, while hunting for a certain fungi, for grandmamma.  Anne follows the path to the lake, as she walks the water front she spies the pile of rocks with the golden egg on top. Next to it is the fungi needed.  Anne takes the egg home and lays on the hearth of the fireplace.

Grandma Rose taught Anne all she knew.  Anne has excelled in Flora and Fauna.  On the Night of All Hallows Eve Celebration, a great vision came to her though the bonfire.  A vision of great healing and beautiful flowers.  It was not long after this that she met Redbranch, a Changeling, her lover.  She found out that he was cheating and shot him. (He is not dead, just got nicked)  Thinking she killed Redbranch, her heart has never let her forget.

Concept~>Anne follows her grandmother in the ways of being a Medicine Woman.  The Spirits have always talked to her.  Anne Mari has also had many communications with Mystical and Spiritual creatures.

Magick~> Anne specializes in Life (3) and Prime (2), and emphasizes on those two spheres allows her to make simple changes in life forms and her own body.  She uses her Medicine (3) and Science (2) to locate the weakness and define (with Matter 1) the problem.  Though Anne is capable of causing harm to others, she prefers not to do so unless absolutely necessary.



 She knows