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Anne Mari

Good day,

        Me name is Anne Mari of Dragon Hold, Ireland.

        Twas born on the High Scottish Moors, during the first full moon 27 summers back.

        My Great Grandmamma Rose Mari raised me. After me ma and da passed on, during my 4th winter, do to sickness.

        Granny  taught me fro the time I was at her knee, to mix herbs, potions and medicines.  As I grew She taught me lore about the plants and herbs we used.

    She told me tales of the ole days.  When people would come from all the parishes, to our family for all kinds of stuff and such.

    Rose told me of my heritage.  Of the Fae blood running neck and neck with that of the Fianna.  She's told me many times that I resemble her own ma when she was young.

** you see a cloak that billows around her like a cloud...and her head and eyes are darken, if you try to look in you see a golden leather necklace**

Description of what's under her cloak here

Beauty~> Tip of Tail to Nose is 3 feet~> 1' Tail,  9" Body, 1' neck, 3" head.  Wings are 4 foot long~> Spine to tip on one wing is 2'. A golden lesser dragon of the amphiptere. Front Claws, rear Talons.

        At this time I would like to thank those whose prints I am using to make my Character and Familiar.

        First, I would like to credit all the Elf type pics to the "Elfquest" creators Richard and Windi Pini, who run "Father Tree Press and WARP Graphics."  To whom  "Nightfall, Tyleet,  and Moonshade," are trademarked to.

    Second, I would like to give credit to Anne McCaffrey for her love of Dragons, and created a special world where they can live freely with humans, that gave me the idea of having a Firelizard for a Familiar.  Also, to Robin Woods who illustrated "The People of Pern",  from which Beauty's pics are from, and one Pic of 'Anne Mari'  is from. Also from the "The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, 2nd Ed."


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