Sukera's Stats

PL: 300
HP: 150 KI: 150
Pl: 600
Hp: 300 Ki: 300

Clow attack: send all the clow cards into their natural form and hit the opponent one by one: 90ki
Fly: can fly: noki
Summon Kero: Summons kero: 100ki
Cherry Blossum: causes blossum trees to sprout and trap the enemy: 50ki
Rainbow storm: rainbows form all across the sky sending down droplets of colour deforming the enemy: 70ki
Pretty heart: sends an angels heart into the enemy making them heal me back to a quater health
finishing move
Strength staff: where i call upon the sword, fight and power card to make me strong: 120ki

Card Capture

100 gp per job post