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Mobile Health Engagement Strategies

On our patent pending network, Network 411; Mobile Health Engagement Strategies creates and deploys private mobile networks that provide our clients targeted audiences with access to content and information built to evoke desired actions or outcomes by way of shared accountability and active involvement.

Audience specific, channels house the content that provide our client’s target audiences with the ability to access a variety of educational and informational materials (programs) directly from their preferred device.


There are three categories of programs:



    Tactical Leverage & Enhancement Programs

Programs developed to deliver content that educates, informs, trains and/ or facilitates behavioral change are featured on each channel. All programs are designed to integrate the goals and objectives of our clients with the identified wants, needs and delivery terms of their target audience.

Types of Programs:



    Standards of Care


    Disease Management



    Behavior Modification

    Adherence and Persistence


    Incentive and Reward

Program content can include:


    Slides with/ without voice over


    Multimedia files





    Live access

    Interactive Q/A

Asset extension for improved Return on Investment

MHES understands the strategic and tactical significance associated with being able to integrate, leverage and complement our clients existing campaigns, initiatives and events. We work closely with our clients to identify areas of opportunity and have the ability to incorporate solutions designed to segment and engage patients and/ or providers who seek hyper-relevant content.