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Zephyr Weimaraners


Hi, I am Kim Petri and have been owned by Weimaraners for the past 10 years. I started with "Just a Pet" but I tried showing and now I am hooked. I learned a great deal from Taz and he has taught me what you can do with a Weimaraner. I feel an active Weimaraner is a happy Weimaraner. The more you do with them the better we all sleep! !

Kim and Zephyr

Let me tell you about my Weimaraners:

Canadian Champion Zara's Arazamataz, JH, NRD, NSD, CGC "Taz" is my first Weimaraner and is now an older gentleman. He loves to retrieve, swim and run and play with his Weimaraner pack. He gets along well with everyone he meets, and enjoys showing in the Veteran Classes from time to time.

American/Canadian Champion Zara's Winsome Zephyr, JH, NRD, NSD, V, CGC "Zephyr" is the foundation bitch for Zephyr Weimaraners. Zephyr was a beautiful bitch and talented in the ring and the field. She won her Futurity and placed second in her Maturity, has three legs towards her Senior Hunter, finished easily both her American and Canadian Championships, and I handled her to all her accomplishments. However, her one love was retrieving, whether it was a tennis ball, a bird or a toy. She loved to retrieve on the land and in the water. Everything came easily to Zephyr - she was smart, beautiful and had a wonderful temperament. She was my success story. Due to an injury, she left for Rainbow Bridge all too soon. She produced a beautiful litter of puppies and thus her legacy lives on . . . .

Am/Can Ch. Zephyr N' Zara's WinJammer, JH, OA, OAJ, NRD, NSD, VX, CGC "Jammer" takes after her mother, she loves to retrieve, she will drop a toy in my lap for hours on end for me to throw. She loves to swim and now she has found agility - a game that was invented just for Jammer. She just cannot get enough of it. Too bad, she wants to do it her way verses the way the judge had intended it to be run. Nevertheless, we are getting there. Jammer has a way of working the crowds and will make her way down a line of people - because what do they have in their pockets - TREATS - yummy and if she wags her tail (rather her entire back end) the more she gets.

Best Bitch in Futurity/Best Bitch in Maturity, A/C Champion Zephyr N' Zara's Winjamin' Lizzy, JH, NA, NSD, V, CGC, "Lizzy" is Jammer's puppy and my social butterfly. She has to meet everyone up close and personal - yes, she must give you a kiss on the LIPS! Her name in the litter was Kizzy and she has lived up to that name. Lizzy loves everything she has tried. She loves to hunt, and she qualified for her Junior Hunter and Novice Shooting Dog titles easily. Boy, what a nose she has, she is the counter surfer extraordinaire too! She has a Best Puppy in Show in Canada and multiple Puppy Group wins. She loves to show and has a "Look at me attitude" that the judges have a hard time ignoring. She is my "Gumby Girl"- whatever positions you put her in, she stays. Can you tell she has me wrapped around her little paw? She is just a joy to be around.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about my weims and me and feel free to visit my website frequently for updates and accomplishments.

Kim, Taz, Jammer and Lizzy ~*~

Kimberly Petri
Newark, DE

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