Update for Jan 22, 2005
The new domain is ready for visitors. Just click the below bysable.com image. Make sure to bookmark the new pages since this Angelfire version is only going to be up til the end of this month. You can still use the membership forms to sign up.

Welcome to the corporate headquarters of the Council of Vampiric Affairs. Where tomorrow happened yesterday. Please greet our staff politely as to avoid having your head ripped off. It plays havoc with our cleaning bill. Our corporate offices are worldwide as well as in the infernal regions so there is bound to be one near you.

We welcome all vampires, real or imaginary, and any and all who drink blood. We offer membership and also employment opportunities within our hierarchy to all Real VTM Vampires, Real Vampires in Training, Real Vampires and Real Bloodsuckers.

The Council of Vampiric Affairs was founded in 1975 BC. Our main body promotes the stature, well-being, and acceptance of all vampires and bloodsuckers everywhere. We actively champion their rights both here on earth and in the Infernal Realms. Receiving the recognition of the Council of Vampiric Affairs entitles you to be what you are proudly.

If you wish to join our organization, you must first figure out your designation. After that, it is a simple process of filling out one of the forms in our membership section.

Our advisors are always willing to answer your questions and occasionally post received emails on the Message Board. You will register on our Message Board, remember we know where you live.

We will soon be kindly offering our product line to our members and visitors. Please be patient.


Some of the names mentioned on this site belong to White-Wolf. And I don't want no infringing on their copyrights or none of that stuff. The rest of the stuff is mine.

This site is, of course, a parody. It's not serious, so please don't take it that way. Well, except for our product line. That's real. Buy all you want. 

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