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The Playground

Ventrue Castle

Dark Light

Waking somewhere beyond the veil of night
Velvet loneliness caressing my mourning heart
Crystal teardrops, a sheen of silver on my face
My swollen eyes reflecting the weeping blue
Of the twilight skies
A moonlit opal crouching in the neon glare
Of a streetlight
Heartbroken and desolate in the empty street
Sheltering against the prying eyes of enemies
And false friends in the shroud of the night
Sighing a river of shattered dreams
Into the cold air of the dusty street
Hopes and fears mingle with the broken promises
I should know so well by now
But somehow I thought you'd be different
You'd be kind to me
You'd care
My lonely figure, a wraith in the lamplight
Moonlight, firebright, streetlight
Barely more than a skeleton, a living ghost
Trapped in a physical form that weeps
And grieves and mourns
For you, always for you
My dark angel, my spirit prince
My phantom love
Little more to you am I
Than moths betrayed by the bright light
Of the floodlit sky
But forever I love you...