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Silver Helix System:

Prestige LCD 800MHz System Kit 2 Year Warranty
Case May Vary
SYSVL8 Pentium 4 2.8GHz with 7,200RPM & 40GB Enlight Omega 300W Midi Tower Case
MSI 848Neo-LS Motherboard
256MB PC3200 400MHz DDR RAM
128MB GeForce FX5200 VGA Card
CD Re-Writable Drive
Panasonic 1.44 FDD
56K Internal PCI Modem
6 Channel Audio & 10/100 LAN On-Board
Mitsubishi Keyboard & Microsoft Mouse
Stereo Speaker System
15" Flatron LCD Panel
Microsoft Windows XP Home Software
** Add a DVDRW Drive (replaces CDRW Drive). Click "Available" below.
** System assembled, tested, with Windows pre-installed
**For a limited time - this system also comes with a flexible USB Camera and Swordfish security Camera Software**

Up-Grades and Alternate Configurations Available.


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