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Gigabyte Motherboards:


Gigabyte 8S648FX Sis648FX/963 800MHz FSB with Sound - SKT478 - ATX
  • Socket 478, 800MHz, ATA133, 5x PCI, AGP8X, 3x DDR400, 6x USB2.0, 6 Channel Sound
Gigabyte 8I848PL i848P 800MHz FSB with Intel LAN - SKT478 - ATX
  • Socket 478, 800MHz FSB, ATA133, 5x PCI, AGP8X, 3x DDR400, Intel Pro 100 LAN, 6x USB2.0, 6 Channel Sound.
Gigabyte 8IG1000MK i865G 8000MHz FSB with Sound, VGA, SATA & LAN - SKT478 - MATX
  • Socket 478, 800MHz, SATA, 3x PCI, AGP8X, 2 chDDR400, 8x USB2.0, 6 Channel Sound, Integrated VGA
Gigabyte 7S748 Motherboard with Sound - SKT A - ATX
  • Socket A, 400MHz FSB, Sis748+963L Chipset, ATA133, 5x PCI, 1x AGP8X, 3x DDR400, 6 Channel Sound
Gigabyte 7VM400M VIA KM400 Motherboard with Sound, VGA & LAN - SKT A - MATX
  • Socket A, 333MHz FSB, KM400, ATA133, 3x PCI, 1x AGP8X, 2x DDR333, LAN, 6 Channel Sound, 6x USB2.0, Integrated LAN
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