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TM Budget 800 MHz System:
Omega 800MHz System Kits:

System Software Options

Options Available Only with Systems are :

  • Microsoft Windows XP Home, XP Pro, 98SE, Me, 2000 PRO, Server 2000 and Licences
  • Microsoft Office XP Professional Full Version & Small Business Edition
  • Microsoft OEM Mice Trekker, Ergonomic, IntelliMouse, Explorer Mice & Optical, Intellieye & Explorer
  • Microsoft Ergonomic & Internet Keyboards, Hardware Value Packs, Cordless Keyboard & Mouse Kits




Budget 800MHz System
Warranty: Omega Certified Systems & Servers are covered by 2 Year RTB Warranty.
3 Year RTB and 2 & 3 Year On-Site Warranty Options Available
Case may vary
Pentium 4 2.6GHz with 7,200 RPM & 40GB New - DFI 865GV Motherboard with Intel 865 Chipset & Intel Graphics, SATA, Hyperthreading & DDR400.
AOpen KF48A Mini Tower Case
DFI 865GV Motherboard -800MHz - HT
256MB PC3200 400MHz DDR RAM
Intel Extreme Graphics II On-Board
52X IDE CD-ROM Drive
Panasonic 1.44 FDD
Integrated 6 Channel Audio
10/100 LAN
PS/2 Keyboard & 2 Button Mouse
Supports SATA Drives
120 Watt compact Speakers
LG 17" SW710S Digital Monitor
Microsoft XP Home Software
** Add a CDRW Drive (replaces CD-ROM Drive) Click "Available" below.
**New - DFI 865GV Motherboard with Intel 865 Chipset & Intel graphics, SATA, Hyperthreading & DDR400**


NOTE: Software now attracts 10% GST

Up-Grades and Alternate Configurations Available.

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