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Perth Wstrn. Au.
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Our Customer's are our HIGHEST priority!!!

Welcome to:

 Tango Home Computer Networking Services

 We are the Premiere source in Australia for all your Computer needs.

The packages we offer can be found by following the "Packages" link on the left.

 The Services we provide to Australian, and International Customers are:

bulletComputer (All aspects of computer construction.)
bulletNetworking (All aspects, locally, of Networking, including: Software, Hardware, Cables, Installing, Upgrading, Toubleshooting and Repair.)
bulletNetworking Hardware (Sales of Cards, Cables, and Wireless)
bulletComputer Hardware (Sales of all individual components)
bulletSoftware (Operating Systems, Drivers, Component Software, and more)
bulletWeb pages (Custom Web Design tailored to fit your Business and Personal needs.)
bullet24 hour Support (via Phone, E-Mail, and coming soon, on our Support site.)
bulletHome Services (Home Networks, Residential Computer Construction, and software.)
bulletSmall Business service (Tailored to fit Small Businesses with sales, and services to meet the need of every small business owner.)
bulletHome Network Support (Connect the computer in the Den to a computer in the bedroom, and access one Printer, scanner, or even Internet connection on either computer.)
bulletSmall Business Network Support (24 hour support for Small Businesses, designed to your needs.)
bulletWeb Page Support (Tech's available to design your site, or help with problems that may arise in the publishing of your site.)
bulletOne On One Service (We will work closely with you, to solve your I.T. issues.)
bulletTo the Door Service (Within our local area, we will come to you, to Repair, Install or upgrade your Computer, or Network.)
bulletI.S.P. Coming soon: We will sell Dial Up Internet Service.



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