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A bit more about myself...

Hello there, my name is Diana and I am just going to use this website to tell you a little more about myself. So if you're interested keep reading...

No, there are no dark secrets revealed on this web page, so don't get your hopes up. ;o)

Well, where do I start? I was born in Germany in 1980. I spent the first 19 years of my life there. I did all the things kids at my age would have done...went to school, was mad into sports and loud music, drove my parents mad, loved going out with my friends and generally always had at least one pet to look after.

Then eventually, when I was 17, I was allowed to go on holiday without my parents for the first time. I was overjoyed as it meant I could do what I wanted without anybody telling me off for a full 4 weeks...That's when I came to Ireland for the first time. I fell in love with the country and went back there the year after.

You probably wonder why I mentioned this. Well, it played an important role in my life...why?

Well, here goes: I met a man from the North of Ireland and fell in love with him. So after I had finished my A-Levels in Germany I moved over to Carrickfergus to live with him. Things went great, we were getting on brilliantly, but at some point we reached a dead end and split up...that was last summer. All of my friends thought I would move back to Germany, but NO, I had made up my mind and wanted to stay in Ireland, so I just got on with life. Eventually I moved away from the north to a lovely place in the north-west of Ireland. That's where I am now, and I don't regret the move at all.

So that's my story so far really...what else is there to say? Mmh well, as you have probably seen I am mad into Irish Country music (yes, I know, most people at my age would hate it, SO WHAT??? I don't care!). Oh yeah, and I love my little guinea-pig Sam to pieces, he's great company and at least doesn't talk back (most of the time anyway... ;o)) although he can be quite moody or demanding at times.

That's it for now. At the end of this page I will keep a little space to post updates on me and my life here, so watch out for any interesting news! ;o) (Not that my life would be full of adventures or'm really boring, so I will post loads of useless stuff...)Oh, and please do sign my guest book or email me!

For all people that know me but haven't seen me for a while now: I have just gone blonde recently. :o)

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