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Angel In Stone

I see her sitting upon the floor,
Like an angel carved in stone,
Sorrow showing in her eyes,
No home to call her own,
"Could you spare some change sir",
"For a cup of tea",
The crowds walk past in avoidance,
Pretend they cannot see,
Her clothes show the years since they`ve been sold,
The scars upon her face of stories left untold,
A little bag upon her side,
The bench on which she lays,
The faded photo in her hands,
Reminds her of happier days,
A teardrop falls silently down her cheek,
Her mouth so dry she can barely speak,
A gentle hand reaches out,
One she cannot see,
A voice that whispers on the wind,
Come my child you belong with me,
Will anyone notice, shes no longer here,
Did anyone care she felt so alone,
Maybe you`ll notice her next time,
That angel carved in stone.