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MultiButton is a Java applet that allows you to create dynamic, interactive, multimedia style buttons inside any web browser that supports Java. The uses and effects you can create with GrowButton are endless. MultiButton is also optimized to allow many buttons on a single page without an increase in download time.

What can MultiButton do?

You tell me!

I have seen more uses for MultiButton than I ever thought possible. The number of things you can do are only limited by your imagination. MultiButton gives you total control over the behavior and presentation of your buttons.

I wrote MultiButton to allow me to put many Java buttons on a single page without making the download time unbearable. The first incarnation was used on the mbm designs homepage and generated a lot of inquiries. People could not believe that no matter how many buttons you put on a page the download would be the same as if you only had one!

Anything you can do with three images you can do with MultiButton. I have seen beveled buttons, glowing buttons, slideshow buttons, fish-eye buttons, flipping buttons, moving buttons, shadow buttons, and a bunch of effects I could not describe.

What does MultiButton do?

MultiButton takes three image files and displays the first upon loading of the web page. The second is displayed when the users mouse is over the applet. The third is displayed when the user clicks in the applet. The images can look however you want them so any type of effect is possible.

MultiButton also reads in text from the HTML applet tag and places it on top of the images. You can control the font, font size, font style, and font color. This lets you change the text on the button by editing the HTML instead of having to redo a image or graphic.

This process also lets the browser cache the graphics, sound, and applet files. Each only needs to be downloaded once and every other copy on the webpage will be referred to the already downloaded file.

MultiButton can also use four optional sound files. The first is played when the user's mouse is put over the applet. The second is played when the user clicks down the mouse button. The third is played when the user lets go of the mouse button. The fourth is played when the mouse exits the applet. All sounds are optional and can be left unused to speed download times.

The button when clicked links to a specified page or site. This value is completely configurable. MultiButton is also "frame-aware" and will let you target frames, windows, and new windows with your links.

MultiButton also takes a parameter that let's you customize what is displayed in the browser's status bar when the mouse is over the button. This can be any message.

Where can I get the latest version?

The latest version is always available at the mbm designs home page.

Once you register an applet you will recieve upgrades and new releases forever. You will never need to pay again.

What is the difference between the Demo and Full versions

The Demo version of MultiButton that is freely available is a limited version of the applet. The effect of mouseOver and mouseClick events only works three times. This is done so you can see the effect and how the button will work on your site.

This should create no problems when you are authoring a page and want to see if MultiButton is the applet that fulfills your needs.

The Demo version of MultiButton also disables the link. This means that when you click the button the browser does not go to the specified page.

Both of these limits are in place to encourage you to order the applet. When you order you get a secure, full version of the applet and free technical support. The full version does not contain either limit.

How do I order and how much?

You can order the applet by using the enclosed "Register" application. For more information and specific directions on ordering check out the ordering readme page.

MultiButton costs $10 for a single license. This license covers all uses on your site forever and gives you free technical support.

A complete site license costs $200. This covers all sites on a single server. So if you were an ISP or web hosting service and you wished to use MultiButton on several sites you can either purchase multiple single licenses or one unlimited, complete site license.

A world wide license costs $500. This covers all servers for your organization in the world. You will be given a copy of MultiButton for each server. If you ever need further copies, just email

What is the Java Copy Protection System (JCPS)?

The Java Copy Protection System is a copy protection system embedded inside the MultiButton applet. It checks to see who is using the applet and if that person is not a registered owner of the applet it will fail to run.

I have implemented this system to ward off people who lift Java applets from web pages. This means that you do not have to worry about someone taking your copy of MultiButton off your site without your knowledge.

If you have ordered and registered MultiButton and you run into the JCPS please contact

For more information please contact