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You can order the MultiButton applet by using the "Register" application that shipped with this file. Please follow these directions carefully so we can fill your order. You need to give of certain information to register.

This is the register application. You need to fill in the information inside this application and it will calculate your total. You can pay by Credit Card, PO, cash, check, or through a First Virtual account.

If you have any questions or problems with the register application please consult the ordering FAQ.

You must enter your email address and IP numbers! You enter your IP numbers by clicking on the blue IP button. A box will appear where you can enter the numbers. The IP number is the TCP/IP address of the web server that will be serving the applet.

You need to enter one server IP number for each single user license (they could be the same).

You need to enter one server IP number for a Site license.

You need to enter all server IP numbers for a World Wide license.

After you order, you will recieve a new copy of the applet at the email address you specify. The file be an attached document that is uuencoded. That new applet will work on the server with the IP number you specify.

When you order an applet you are entitled to all updates and upgrades forever. You are also entitled to free technical support through the mbm designs web site and

For more information please contact