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LiveTicker looks like your standard Java ticker applet. You can control the color, speed, font, size, and message like any other good ticker applet.

But LiveTicker constantly checks a text file on your web server. The contents of that text file are sent across the ticker on every users screen. The latest information from that file is always displayed.

This means you could keep users up to date from any number of sources. You could have the content of a form be sent to the text file, which would then be forwarded to all active LiveTicker applets served from your page. The text file could be updated from an email account or by a simple text editor.

LiveTicker is useful on Intranets where certain information can be sent to the company's employees dynamically. The information would always be current and could be drawn from an internal database or program.

The uses for LiveTicker are only limited by your imagination.

For more information or to download MultiButton, check out the mbm designs home page.