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The Cast
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Stella Stevens .... Karen

Roddy McDowall .... Robert Dwellyn

Elsa Lanchester .... Hester Dwellyn

Shani Wallis .... Lady Jocelyn Dwellyn

Farley Granger .... Evan Lyons

Victor Buono .... Minister

Bernard Fox .... Constable Henry Hooke

John McGiver .... Governor (Constable Hooke's father)

Patric Knowles .... Douglas Whitehead

Jamie Farr .... Dybbi

Norman Stuart .... Lord Arnold Dwellyn

Ben Wright .... Jonesy

Wanda Bailey .... Flo

Pussy .... Hester's cat

Steven Marlo .... Dart player

Leslie Thompson .... Dart player

The Crew

Directed by
Georg Fenady

Produced by
Andrew J. Fenady

Writing credits
Jameson Brewer
John Fenton Murray

Director of Photography
William Jurgensen

Music by
George Duning

Art Director
Monty Elliott

Set Decorator
Carl Biddiscombe

Film Editor
Melvin Shapiro

Oscar Rodriguez
Vou Lee Giokaris

Jack H. Young

Special Visual Effects
Joe Mercurio

David Ronne, Robert Crosby, David Dockendorf

Sound Editor
James J. Klinger

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