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Thank you for your interest in our cause. This site is designed to introduce
and enlighten you to the problem at hand. As you read through you should feel
angry with the situation here at the University of Delaware. You should be angry
with the City of Newark and ready to do your small part to make positive change.

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The Problem

Weekend after weekend the horror stories pile up. I am sure you have heard it all
as I have. I have friends that witnessed 'townies' driving around Newark Shopping center in two
separate cars aiming guns at each other. I heard one story of a group of non-students jumping
a group of students and using nun-chucks[thats right nun-chucks like the fucking ninja turtles]
to beat them senseless. Girls are abducted, raped and beaten. Last year there was even a
murder. The list goes on and on.

The real problem with this, the real disgrace of it all however is not that these things are occurring
but that they are occurring while the police are out on bikes giving noise violations. When it comes
down to it the police are being lazy. Anyone could go out on a Friday or Saturday night and find
college students with an open container of beer, outside, on a nice night or a 19 or 20 year old drinking
when by law he\she should not be. Thats some real crack police work there! I do not however
know anyone that is afraid to walk home alone or go out at night because they may encounter
a college student with a beer in hand. People are afraid of the violent criminals that are running free
because of negligent police who would rather take the easy way out and make a quick buck for the
City of Newark then to protect its citizens and the students of the University from violence.
Good students are being suspended from school, harassed, arrested, and in some cases beaten up by Newark
and University police while true criminals are making Newark an unsafe place to live. It is time for us to
stop standing idly by while these atrocities continue, it is time for us to take action.

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The Solution


I am trying to get together as many people that see this injustice so that we can go to the City of Newark
and to the University and if we have to, to governor Minner or to Senator Biden and say look what is
happening here, this needs to stop NOW! So tell your friends about this site and sign the petition.
If you have any ideas or you would like to help out click on the 'Contact Us'
page and get in touch. We need all the help we can get.

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