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Latest News

March 02, 2004

Hoi hoi to all out there. I am back from the dead after a 8 month stint trying to put some perspective in my life. Now that everything is settled down, I finally decided to start on 2 things. Gonna finally tear down the old RX-7 and make it into my dream car. Everything will be poured into this car: my heart and soul. Second I am starting to go back to school. It was long overdue but hey, we can't all be children forever. So with that in mind, I hopefully will be able to change stuff with my life and this website. Wish me luck!!

April 03, 2004

Hoi Hoi to all out there. Well it is the end of spring break for me and I got alot accomplished with my car. Removed all the carpet and unnecessary crap. Did some lipulsuction to the engine by removing the a/c pump unit along with it's components like the tubes, its personal radiator and other ish. Next step will be to relocate the radiator, install a race pulley and replace a broken starter with in the next few weeks. Till then, just chilling and going to school, starting my second half of the semester this Tuesday. Keep the peace and have a weird day!!!


Please don't hesitate to e-mail me with suggestions or tips. I am still learning and anything that can help is very welcome at this point. I will even post on this page the people who have helped me out with this webpage. Thank you and have a weird day!!!