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Band Member Bios

Bio: Tyler Elliot  
Function: Guitar/Vocals
Age: 16
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125lbs
Hair: Blond/Brown
Equipment: Gibson Les Paul, Marshall JCM900 Half Stack

General Info:  
 Well what can i say, I play guitar and sing for HTCB i love playing guitar its the best thing in the world. I never was really fond of playing guitar until my brother started his band, after that i dreamed of being able to play guitar thats like all i thought about, so my mom had me start takeing lessons, i took these "lessons" for about 2 or 3 weeks until finally the teacher told my mom not to bring me back because i would never be able to play guitar. Well i was really pissed so i was determined to prove this guy wrong so i watched my brother play all the time and i started copying him. Once i figured out the basics their was no stopin me. I played all day and all nite (until i fell asleep) my talent of guitar increased so much that i know im better then that so called "teacher". So after i could play guitar it was time to make a band. My first band wasnt a very good band but we were a band and i loved it. We were called kuruption, the name sucked but we were 7th graders so we thought it was kool eventually that band burnd out cuz we lost the singer, so then i had to sing and in 7th grade i could not sing at all. Me and the bass player stuck together except for one little change, He was now the drummer instead of the bass playerwe played ALOT so much that we got really good at our instruments and tight. but we still didnt have a bass player. Unfortunatly he moved to michigan leaveing me without a band for some time. eventually i hooked up with these to guys and started HTCB and its actually comein alone good. my singing is way better than ever before and so is my guitar playing so we shal play shows for all you people for a long time. Some of my influences are MxPx, weezer, The Vandals, 311, Linkin Park it keeps going but you get it. alright peace out cub scouts.