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Bio: Marcus Handy
Function: Drums/Vocals
Height: 5'8
Weight: 185
Hair: Black
Equipment:Whats in the Garage
Sticks: promodel
Model: 747 rock, 7A, 5A

General Info:  
Marcus Handy, most people just call me mark and thats cool uh I play drums in HTCB and im good, I could be a lot better, but im good. Ive been known to hit my self in the face with just about everything. Mostly Sticks and the mic. My influences range from RATM to The califonia raisins. 311 is the best band in the fuckin world. Now sit back and come with me into a world where everyon looks the same and girls are satan i mean girls are awsome and all but satan. Really hot satan's running around in short skirts and really small tube tops yeah. So technically all guys are satanist, because we worship females all the time. Then they tell you your nothing and your no one.. so then your like..uhh no so i choked the bitch.. to make a long story short uh dont drink and drive or die tryin. oh yeah uh i forgot i like your mom, and she likes me too so i fucker her with a shoe horn..