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Hard to Come By
Is a band that was formed early this year around january. The line up of hard to come by was undecided at first because of the lack of musicians in the sussex county area. After hard Thought and a few phone calls the band was formed. The members of Hard To Come By are as follows.

Tyler Elliot - Guitar/Lead Vocals
Nate Kortvelesy - Bass/Noises from the Throat that kinda sound like vocals
Marcus Handy - Drums/Backing Vocals

Each of us had jammed with each other in the past so there wasnt any doubt that this could work. The reason Hard To Come By was formed tho is a diffrent story. Ya see long ago in a small place called frankford. Billy Gerhardt and Tyler elliot started a band.With a school friend on drums, Joel Syphard was his name, billy on bass and tyler on guitar, kuruption was born. They played a mixture of diffrent musical styles. It sucked,but hey they were in like 7th grade it was ok. After a few shows the band broke up because of creative diffrences between the drummer at the time Joel Syphard and both Billy and Tyler. When the band Broke up Billy moved to the drums and Tyler started the look for a bassist. Both I and nate had jammed with bill and tyler at one time. It was fun. then there was times when i jammed with nate and billy with no tyler. No band how ever was formed from this combination. Billy and Tyler played a few shows under the name, the billy and tyler band. They used tyler's older brother Brandon, who at the time was part of a band called substance, on bass. Then came a freak accident that would change the history of the band all together. Billy's dad got accepted to a school in michigan so the Gerhardts backed up their shit and moved away. Young Tyler cried many a nights at the loss of his best friend and band mate. After a long greiving/masturbation period tyler came to his senses and decided to make a new band. He communicated with Nate, who Communicated with me. Days later the first practice was scheduled. Let me tell ya we sucked mad nuts, but it was ok we were just gettin started. After many a practices we decided we needed a name. One day i was talkin to tyler on Aim and i was like why dont we call ourselves Hard to Cum By, but tyler felt his dad would not like that name so we changed Cum To come and HTCB was born. We practiced alot more and got alot better and now here we are today ready to kick your ass and fuck your younger but legal sisters.