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Times Of Trial

The Three Plagues Of

These three plague as much as the three prime evils have the game of Diablo. Yet it is not always a violent take-over; hacking can be seductive, luring people in with it's false power. A little bit becomes a little more, and another cheater is born. That person will discover the ease of autokill, and become a Player Killer. When that becomes old, the PK will try something more twisted; hacking. Not only his own character but other's as well. Uploading viruses, dropping 'Hex' items, and changing other's stats. It starts with a little tool called a 'trainer'. These inoffensive names conceal a great evil, one that is infectious. The game becomes little more than a battle field of the different softwares, ruining it! Take heed, for these are the times of sorrow... ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" A famous quotation so very applicable to all aspects of our life. Who could resist the power of taking a fledgling character and turning him into Mongo the God Slayer with a few simple edits from an even simpler program. Few people I know can resist the urge to create a monster of destruction, a character we merrily use to feed our own ego. But after a time, we find this cheap thrill hollow and pointless. We realize the true intent of the game: to struggle, to survive, to build a character through hard-work and dilligence. This we can take pride in. The hacker will soon find themselves coming full-circle when they realize that the only thing in life we value are those things we have paid for; whether money or a character's blood. Contributed by Blackstar~

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