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Tests and Quizzes

Students are responsible for making up any tests or quizzes missed as a result of an excused absence. Students should make arrangements with the teacher for the administration of the test.

There will be a test after successful completion of each chapter in the textbook. Test dates will be announced at least two days in advance of the test date. There will be a test review and the test date will be posted on the classroom's whiteboard and on this web page.

Quizzes may or may not be announced ahead of time.

TEST RETAKE POLICY: Students are generally allowed to retake a test if they score below a 69. If the students answer correctly the questions they missed on the original test, their score will be changed to a "C". Tests can be retaken either before or after school. Students should make arrangements with the teacher.


Tuesday, Sep. 14 - Chapter 1 vocabulary quiz.

Wednesday, Sep. 15 - Chapter 1 test.

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