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Terms of Use

All of these are my creations; You may use them as long as credit is given.Credit goes to Debi at The Doll Garden. Click here for linking information.

I really enjoy doing almost any kind of artwork but I do believe that these little dolls have become my favorites. I do hope you enjoy them. The rules are fairly simple.

Adopt them if you wish, as long as it's not on my request page or in The Doll Shoppe, but please don't claim them as your own. No, you may not repost them as tubes. You may only post them on your site if they are linked back to The Doll Garden and people are redirected here to download them. Yes, you may use them to decorate your webpages, email sigs, etc as long as you provide a link back here, but Do not in any way or form alter my dolls. Do not use parts from them and put them on your own dolls. Do not change their color or the color of their clothes or anything on them in any way. They must be used "as is" unless you have expressed permission otherwise. I do allow you to glitter tham if you wish. The only exception to this is the basebodies and doll edits. You can do what you want to with them as long as you link back and give me base credit.

If you want to post them for others to download, then make a request. For a very small fee and a link back somewhere....anywhere...on your site you can do whatever you like with them. I worked very hard on these and besides it's not a very nice thing to steal. If you really want something that badly, email me and we can talk terms. If you're not sure, then please ask. Copyright is a very important issue, so if you don't understand it, then read this. And I'm fairly easy to get along with, so please....just ask. :)

Not enough information? Then read this:
U.S. Copyright Office


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