Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. It is currently under constution (duh)but I have some links to sites for you.

Well I've got the character sheet page up and running, looking good. I figure we should post here once a week, just to give updates. And if you see anything that you think should be on here, go ahead and mail me with the suggestion.

Well, the basic shell is finished, now Im' trying to get my site on yahoo. one can only hope, right? anywho........

Yahoo still hasn't put me up yet, but there should be more downloads ready on thursday. I'm also thinking of making a Monster of the Month Page.

I just completed my third revision of the auto calculating character sheet for excel, you can find it on (duh)my character sheets page.

Gonna Bring in a excel Generator sheet that should be interesting.

I have the Excel Page stared, and there should be enough to satisfy your appitites shortly.

Got up the "Home Brew" page, which has all of the ideas our group comes up with, feel free to submit to my email MyDnDMailBox@yahoo.com

Gonna zip all my files and provide winzip FOC

Click Ol' Red here for winzip

Took off for thanks g' but back to work I guess

Well, the holiday season is over so I'll get back on the ball, There is a preveiw that is going to be available of my new Epic Spell Creator

Wassup, putting on some refining details, so some links might not work from time to time, no worries though.


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