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Derryhale Primary School


Due to irregular placement of some in photo follow sketch number guide.

1=May Greer, 2= Bertha McKee, 3=Betty Greer, 4=Unknown, 5=Mrs Henderson, 6=Elenor Gillespie, Raymond Somerville, 8=Maureen Black, 9-Eva Clayton,         10=Peggy Greer, 11=Maud Proctor, 12=Malcolm Haire, 13=Ronnie Clarke, 14=????, 15=Bert Greer, 16=Tommy Millar, 17-Derek Clarke,18=Billy Millar,           19=Tom Black, 20=Hazel Wortley, 21=Wesley Cairns, 22=Annie Proctor, 23=Norman Taylor, 24=Joy Wright, 25=Bert Stanley, 26=????, 27=Walter McIlroy,           28=George Gillespie, 29=Mrs White.

2nd. Row Sitting On Bench:  Tommy Johnston, Leslie Wortley, Pearl Cloughley, Sally Quinn, Elizabeth Henderson, Mabel McCann, Joe black, Perry Cloughley.

Front Row; Fred Taylor, George Speers, Jackie Proctor, Jim Gilliespie, Bobby McKee.

Derryhale PS April 53

Derryhale PS Oct 53

Derryhale PS 1925

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