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Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA
0.0 World Wide Rating

Vengeance was a night for champions, a night so special, so amazing.. a time for when Champions get crowned... and they did, we saw Chris Jericho thanks to Steve Corino, defeat The Rock to continue the legacy of the CWF World Championship, BUT that isn't all.. Vince McMahon, the Hour 2 Owner.. just had to try and compete, crowning The Rock, Hour 2.. Smoking Skull World Champion, wow.. 2 world champions, 2 hours, one on each.. two top Superstars holding the gold and Rock beginning a new legacy.. starting a new era and Chris Jericho continuing the already prized Championship Wrestling Federation World Championship legacy.. it doesn't happen often.. and defiantly not again. Meanwhile, JEFF HARDY was the man Triple H hired for The Evolution and no-one saw it coming, no-one saw Jeff Hardy coming to the ring, picking apart anyone who moved.. all accept HHH and eventually throwing The Game outside the cage and making him NEW United States Champion! Now they are stronger, tougher and their wrath will continue.. Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy.. two young guns teaming up with the GAME.. the man of many moves, skills and plans.. what a group.. what a teaming.. and talking of teams, will Team ECW return tonight?! Rhino is in the Main Event.. will Steve Corino be on Smackdown? Or not? AND after so long, could they even co-exist? Or would they fight... who knows if Corino will even be here? Tonight, all your questions will be answered!

# - On those Saturdays, when kids go out and play,
Yo I was VP in my room I let the stereo blaze
wasn't faded, not jaded, just a kid with a pad and pen
and a big imagination

All this, I seek, I find, I push the envelope to the line
Make it, break it, take it, until I'm overrated.

Click, Click Boom.. I'm coming down on the stereo
Hear me on the radio, Click.. Click.. Boom.
I'm coming down with the new style and you know its buck wild
CLICK.. Click Boom
Much like suffocating,
I'm on the radio station, touring round the nation, 
leaving the scene in devastation

I can see it in my mind, I can see it in their eyes,
It's close enough to tough it now, but far away enough to die.
Click, Click Boom
What the hell is wrong with me? My mom and dad weren’t perfect,
But still you don’t hear no cryin ass bitchin from me, 
Like there seems to be on everybody’s CD
so just sit back and relax and let me have your head for a minute
I can show you something in it, that has yet to be presented, oh yeah!

Click, Click Boom.. I'm coming down on the stereo
Hear me on the radio, Click.. Click.. Boom.
I'm coming down with the new style and you know its buck wild
CLICK.. Click Boom
Much like suffocating,
I'm on the radio station, touring round the nation, 
leaving the scene in devastation
- #

BOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!!! Fireworks explode from the entrance ramp as Smackdown Kicks off.. LIVE and only a week after the PPV.. their was carnage and people were hurt, but they have had time to re-cooperate and now... SMACKDOWN BEGINS... We shoot strait to the backstage..

Walkover RaVen... Nevermore!

The scene opens with Raven looking in a mirror... smirking... he looks happy, but his grin soon turns into an evil face, an angry face. He looks into the mirror, therefore we see his face... he speaks whilst smudging black lines across his cheeks...

Raven ' The Dark Prince ': I've always been forgotten.. I don't know why but I have.... You know.. back in the WWF/WWE, I was forgotten their too, they never cared, they put me on announce tables, IN MATCHES WITH JERRY LAWLER.. DO I LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT!? JOBBING TO THAT MORON! I don't appreciate it.. now I'm here, Shane must see my potential.. but it always ends the same.. NWA/TNA... I started off, dominating... hurting people, punishing them.. then what happens? They screw me again.. they do exactly what WWE did, so now I'm here, I won't be changed, but I will FORCE them to see my potential.. They will see how good I' am... I'm a man looking in the mirror.. and what you people see.. is what you people get... Tonight, something special will happen.. something spectacular and I promise you, you will be able to quote me on this... "Your Destiny Will Be Sealed with Flow of Even... your fate lies in my hands and you will fail" QUOTE THE RAVEN


The scene fades with Raven putting his head down, and the mirror reflecting into the camera.

Singles Match
Mike Sanders   Vs.    Spanky

The bell rings for the match to start the two young guns tie up. Straight
away, Mike Sanders gets the advantage and manages to grab Spanky into a side headlock, but Kendrick walks back a few steps and leans on the ropes then pushes Sanders into the opposite side. Spanky attempts a clothesline,
Missed! Mike Sanders comes bouncing back off the ropes again and WHAM! Mike clotheslines Kendrick down to the mat. Sanders then quickly gets back up, and grabs Spanky by the hair, wrenching him up. Brian Kendrick starts to
fight back though, with elbows to the mid-section. Sanders releases the old
on Spankys hair, as Kendrick runs to the ropes, bounces off them.. DROPKICK! Enormous Dropkick from Kendrick sending Sanders to the mat. Spanky makes a quick cover.. One.. Two.. Kickout! Spanky climbs back up to his feet as does Mike Sanders. The two then exchange rights and lefts, Right by Sanders, left by Kendrick, Another right by Sanders, now a left by Sanders, a Kick to the gut of Kendrick..DDT! Mike then rolls Kendrick up for a cover.. One...Two...Shoulder Up! Sanders gets back up to his feet quickly once again. Sanders begins to stomp down on Spanky, until the ref pushes him away. Mike Sanders lifts Brian Kendrick back up to his feet, knee to the gut.. Sets him up.. and Suplex! Connects with a perfectly executed suplex! Sanders climbs back up to his feet, and continues the attack on Kendrick by kicking Spanky in the lower back Repeadedly. Mike takes a few steps back, and begins yelling at Kendrick to get up. Slowly but surely Kendrick gets to his feet.. he turns around and BAM! Dropkick from Sanders. Mike gets back up, and brings Spanky back to his feet as well. He pushes Spankys Head in between his legs.. Whats it going to be? A powerbomb? No! A PILEDRIVER! Hemakes a quick cover on Kendrick..One...Two....SHOULDER UP! Only Just! Mike gets back up and pulls Spanky back up again. He turns Spanky around, and grabs him by the neck from behind..WHAM! Reverse DDT! Mike Sanders is in cruise control! Sanders wastes no time in getting back up as he has done all match. He awaits for Brian Kendrick to climb back up. Kendrick uses the ropes to get back to his feet.. Sanders pulls him away from the ropes..3.0 NECKBREAKER! SANDERS CONNECTS WITH THE NECKBREAKER! Mike then covers Kendrick, hooking the leg up as the ref makes the count! ONE....TWO.....THREE! Its over! Sanders gets the victory, and a easy victory it has to be said!

WINNER: Mike Sanders
TIME: 05:53

The King Of The World Arrives..

Suddenly we cut to the backstage where a limo arrives.. the camera looks around it, stopping at the license plate... it reads... 'Y2 Champ'.. soon, the door opens and out steps Chris Jericho, World Championship on shoulder.. 

Chris Jericho ' The World Champion ': Your taking your damn time aren't you jerky? Hurry up already!

The limo driver quickly opens the trunk and pulls out Y2J's bag... following him into the arena.. 

Chris Jericho ' The World Champion ': You must feel blessed, huh junior? You get to walk with The Larger Than Life, World Champion.. 

The driver doesn't say a word and just follows, when from behind comes Rob Van Dam.. he takes the bag and nods his head at the driver.. 

Chris Jericho ' The World Champion ': I feel sorry for you peasants..  its a shame your so below me.. really it is..

Rob Van Dam ' The Whole Fn' Show ': Peasant? Nah dude.. I'm not a peasant.. but I would like to congratulate you on your victory... 

Chris Jericho ' The World Champion ': How the hell did you get behind me!? You stalking me or something junior?

Rob Van Dam ' The Whole Fn' Show ': Heh, no man, I just thought I'd surprise ya..

Chris Jericho ' The World Champion ': You sure as hell did that, anyway.. would you mind keeping your distance... I'm a World Champion, don't you know?

Rob Van Dam ' The Whole Fn' Show ': Damn, I thought you'd be cool.. but your just an asshole... sorry I bothered ya... shame you didn't get your ass kicked!

Chris Jericho ' The World Champion ': Like you did by Triple H?

Rob Van Dam ' The Whole Fn' Show ': I may of lost, but at least I didn't need Steve Corino to help me.. either way!

Chris Jericho ' The World Champion ': Aww.. Next your be telling me how your momma beat you when you were a kid... junior, Would you plleeaaseeeee.... SHUT.. THE HELL.. UP!?

Rob Van Dam ' The Whole Fn' Show ': Whatever!

Rob drops Jericho's bag and walks off..

Chris Jericho ' The World Champion ': Hey... What the... stupid assclown..  

Jericho picks up his bag...

Chris Jericho ' The World Champion ': This damn bag costs a hundred bucks.. when will these peasants learn? 

The scene fades out with Y2J entering the arena.. 

Singles Match
Raven   Vs.    The Undertaker

"Your Gonna Pay.. Your Gonna Pay" The Undertakers music blares into the arena as the lights dim and the Titantron flashes... we soon see The Undertaker make his way onto the entrance ramp, staring down into the ring.. he's mad and has reason to be after his recent amount of defeats. Undertaker then makes his way to the ring and enters, awaiting Raven. 'Squawk Squawk...' Here comes The Dark Prince to a standing ovation of boos.. he walks down the ramp and enters the ring, standing on the top rope and staring down the fans.. he drops off walking into a battery of right hands, Undertaker takes it to him, pounding him into the corner where he starts off with a few shoulder barges, grabbing him by the hair and taking him to the opposite corner, bouncing his head off it and scooping him up, slamming him down to the canvas. The American Badass is absolutely rocking as he slides to the outside and grabs a chair.. the fans start to boo.. Taker doesn't care, sticking his middle finger up at them.. what the hell!? When Taker come out here, people were cheering him, now he's going crazy, they are booing and he doesn't even care.. he enters the ring and grabs Raven, shoving the chair under his throat and evilly staring into the roof of the arena, but wait, Raven fights back, elbowing Taker to the gut, knocking him towards the ropes and whipping him off.... dropping the chair and coming back... drop toe hold.. face first on the chair!! Raven quickly covers.. One.. Two.. Kick Out! No-way.. it just isn't going to happen.. Raven rolls off, getting to his feet and.. UNDERTAKER SITS UP... Oh shit, Raven attacks, punching away at Takers head, but he grabs him by the throat.. getting to his feet and... CHOKESLAM!!! Low Blow.. kick to the gut.. Evenflow DDT!!! Raven jumps into the cover, hooking the leg intensely.. One... Two... Three.. The Dark Prince walks away with it.. defeating The Undertaker who recently, has just been walked over!

WINNER: 'The Dark Prince' Raven
TIME: 04:28

Toothless Aggression? Pff.. It's Good to be KING!

Chris Benoit is walking through the backstage, looking as pissed off as he was at Vengeance.. he suddenly comes across Shane O Macs office and is about to enter when out comes Steve Corino..

Steve Corino ' The King Of Old School ': Well.. Well.. Well.. if it isn't The Canadian Crippler.. how are you man?

Chris Benoit ' The Crippler ': Fine..

Both men stare each other down in a deep silence..

Steve Corino ' The King Of Old School ': I see you are your usual chatty self.. damn man, its almost impossible to shut you up..

Chris Benoit ' The Crippler ': Are you done, because I want to see Shane McMahon

Steve Corino ' The King Of Old School ': You've got an attitude Benoit.. my advice to you is to knock it off.. before I knock your block off.. got it?

Chris Benoit ' The Crippler ': Don't make me laugh Corino.. your past it...

Suddenly, Steve attacks Benoit, throwing him through the now closed office door.. Shane is sat down and jumps up in shock... Steve takes Benoit by the head and smashes it of the desk before picking him up and planting him with a Bodyslam.. The King Of Old School is taking apart Chris Benoit. Shane looks pissed off as Corino looks cockily at him, straitening up his papers.. then whipping them all off the table, he picks up The Crippler and plants him on the desk.... climbing onto a nearby Chair and jumping off, connecting an elbow drop, going through Benoit and the desk... carnage is left inside Shane's office as Corino gets up, brushes himself down and breathes a breath of fresh air..

Steve Corino ' The King Of Old School ': Past it.. meh..

The scene fades with Shane looking annoyed as Steve Corino leaves.. HE'S BACK.. and he's just as troublesome as EVER!

Singles Match
Steve Austin   Vs.    Steve Corino

Glass Shatters and "Step Up" hits as The Texas Rattlesnake makes his way out from behind the curtain, walking like a Bad Mother Fucker to the ring, he rolls in and gets strait to his feet, putting his arms in the air, doing the Austin salute.. just then... "Close Your Eyes, Come With Me" Steve Corino's music hits for the first time on Smackdown in a long, long time... as gold pieces of confetti drop to the floor.. the CWF legend walks down the rampway and slides into the ring, staring down Austin. Both men lock up with Austin twisting and turning, grabbing Corino in a front face lock, Corino fights off, being whipped to the ropes, coming back with a firm shoulder, taking Austin down. The Rattlesnake is quickly back up, taking a few steps back and smirking.. both men circle around each other, shaking their hands before locking up again, Corino out tussles him, locking in a hammerlock, Austin swings with an elbow, missies, swings with the other.. connects, braking the hold.. Austin turns, lefts, rights, lefts, Austin beats him to the ropes, whipping him off and on return, decking him with a clothesline, Austin runs to the ropes himself, jumping over Austin, running back, this time Corino is up, ducking a clothesline, Neckbreaker! Damn this match is technical.. Both men are down, but not for long as The King gets up, pulling Austin to his feet and whipping him into the corner, he follows with a big shoulder barge, slapping down on his chest.. 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 'I' AM KING!" he screams.. LEFT HAND! Austin takes the breath outta in with a shocking body shot, ducking a clothesline attempt, Corino turns.. Austin kicks.... STUNNER! No, Corino pushes outta it.. jumping off the middle turnbuckle and flying into the air, connecting a Crossbody as Austin turns around... The King covers... One... Two.. Kick Out! Both men are down again and for the second time, Corino is up first.. grabbing Austin by the head and attempting to bring him up... Low blow! The Rattlesnake hits a low blow! Don't Trust Austin... D... T.. A... The Texas Rattlesnake is up at his feet, flipping off Corino.. he runs to the ropes, LOU THEZ PRESS!!! Beat, Beat, Beat.. The Venomous Snake is unleashing... getting up, dropping a forearm to the gullet of Corino, oh HELL YEAHHHHH... The Rattlesnake stomps away at him like a man possessed before picking him up.. Suplex! Hit Hard an fast.. Austin covers.. One.. Two... Kick Out! Not YET! Wait.. what's this.. It's Chris Benoit... The Rabid Wolverine is standing on top the entrance ramp looking down as Steve Corino.. Benoit is holding his back in pain, yet is smirking.. Austin is shocked, staring down Benoit, wandering what the hell is going on.. and wait, from behind, its The King Of Old School... he turns him around.. OLD SCHOOL EXPULSION!! No... Austin drops out of it.. spin, kick to the gut... STUNNER!! STONE COLD STUNNER!! He covers... One... Two... Three!! Steve Austin wins it!! He defeats Steve Corino!!

WINNER: 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
TIME: 08:48

Chu Messin' With Tha Mob!?

Rikishi is walking backstage counting his money... he looks rather happy with himself and after Vengeance, when he took the FBI's cash and then beat em up.. he should be more weary than happy.. Suddenly, Johnny The Bull from no-where comes up to him, getting in his face...

Johnny Stamboli ' The Bull ': Well if it aint Rikishi... chu think attackin' us at Vengeance was good? Huh? Nunzino can't get the smell of piss outta his hair.. and we, the FBI.. we don't like that..

Rikishi ' The Money Maker ': Well who would man? I mean, if someone took my money, beat me up and pissed on my hair.. I'd go crazy... 

Johnny Stamboli ' The Bull ': Chu think your funny jamook?

Rikishi ' The Money Maker ': Yeah.. 

Johnny Stamboli ' The Bull ': Chu moron aint got a clue have ya? Yous can't just come on in our lockaroom and beat us people downs... now what we gots.. is  a problem.. Yeah dats right, yous pissed us off.. now wes gonna have ta beat you down like yous did us... capeish?

Rikishi ' The Money Maker ': HA.. you think your going to beat me up!? It'll take alot more than you Johnny..

Suddenly out from no-where comes Nunzino and Chuck Palumbo with baseball bats.. they start beating down on Rikishi, smashing him over the head... my god, they could kill him.. suddenly, wearing a big black jacket and smoking a cigar comes Mr. Cartello..

Mr. Cartello ' The Role Model ': Aye Nunzino, Chucky.. stop tis bullshit.. aint you been listenin to me!? I tol you back at the Yankees game.. theirs a time to whack someone and dis just aint it... pick him up and bring him with me..

They pick up Rikishi and drag him along with Mr. Cartello, finally coming across Kishes lockeroom.. 

Mr. Cartello ' The Role Model ': Drop that fat piece-a shit on the couch.. 

They soon drop Rikishi and the camera looks around, seeing a bathtub of something.. but what? 

Mr. Cartello ' The Role Model ': So he pissed on ya'lls did he!? Well ova their is a bathtub. inside it, me and my boys ave' been pissin'... we gots this ready for yous after Vengeance.. we saws what happened.. and we didn't think yous three would do the right thing.. now pick that fat piece-a crap up and drop him in that tub-a-piss..

Oh my god.. Rikishi has just been brutally attacked by the mob and dumped in a bathtub full of piss.. what revenge.. are the mob really running wild in the CWF!?

European Championship
Kurt Angle   Vs.    Randy Orton

*Ding Ding!* The bell rings for the match to start. Kurt Angle and Randy Orton hook up. A battle of strength, as Randy Orton backs Angle into the corner. The ref counts to 5, and then breaks the two apart. The two circle the ring staring at one another, as they once again lock up. This time Kurt gets the advantage but Orton gets an elbow to the abdomen in quickly, allowing him to take control for the time being. He hammers down on Angles back, and then sends him flying into the ropes for a POWERSLAM! Great move! Orton makes the cover.. One.. Tw-Kickout! Quick kick out. Orton gets back up, lifts Kurt up. Randy Orton then delivers a few knees to the gut, taking the wind out of Angle. He then hits a few hard right hands to the head of Kurt Angle, taking him down to one knee. Orton continues to punch down on Angle, as finally Kurt is down on his back. Orton picks him back up, Lifts him up.. And has him set up in the air! Its going to be.. A HANGING SUPLEX! What a move! Randy then starts stomping away on Kurt Angle, who has had no offensive moves so far in this match. Randy picks Kurt back up again, but Angle pushes Orton away and starts pounding away right hands, left hands, kick to the gut and DDT! Kurt rushes back up to his feet, and grabs Orton by the trunks, pulling him back up. Angle punches Orton a few times to the head, then Irish whips him into the ropes and connects with a hard clothesline! Randy jumps back up in a hurry, but only to be clotheslined back down again! Randy Orton gets back up once again, and charges at Kurt but misses with the clothesline! What's this? Kurt angle with a GERMAN SUPLEX!! Angle doesn't release the hold though! And ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX! Don't tell me.. Your kidding.. AND ANOTHER!! Orton landing on his head! What a great continuation move! Angle gets back up, and hoists Orton back up to his feet as well. The Olympic Champ whips Randy into the turnbuckle, and lifts him up the turnbuckle so that he is sitting on it. Angle climbs up to the second turnbuckle.. What the hell? What is he thinking? Angle climbs to the third. .SUPERPLEX!! SUPERPLEX FROM THE TOP ROPE! What a MOVE!! The fans are stunned! Angle crawls over to Orton.. and.. ANKLE LOCK!!! HE'S GOT THE ANKLE LOCK HOOKED IN! Randy is screaming in pain! He reaches for the ropes.. He crawls closer to the ropes, still not tapping.. Angle tightens the hold.. Orton screams EVEN LOUDER! He cant take much more surely! Orton crawls closer.. and even closer.. HE GETS THE ROPES!! AMAZING! Orton reaches the ropes.. Angle cant believe it! He is arguing with the ref! Orton uses the ropes to get back up.. he slowly does.. limping a bit he has his back turned to Angle.. Kurt Angle then quickly walks back over to Orton.. WHAM!!! OLYMPIC SLAM!! Its over! He covers Randy Orton! .. ONE.....TWO.....THREE!! Angle retains! What a match! Kurt has done it!

WINNER: Kurt Angle
TIME: 07:27


The camera fades into the backstage after the European Championship match to see Taz sitting down at a table in the cafeteria, with a towel on his head... across from him is Mankind, playing darts..

Taz ' The Human Suplex Machine ': Mankind, you betta stop playin' wit those darts, before I stick one up yer ass!

Mankind ' The Disturbed One ': You talking to me Taz!? 

Taz ' The Human Suplex Machine ': Yer name is Mankind aint it!?

Mankind ' The Disturbed One ': Is it? 

Taz ' The Human Suplex Machine ': I'mma rip chur throat out bitch... don't be cocky wit me!

Mankind ' The Disturbed One ': Taz, your gonna learn.. theirs just some people, you have to respect... I'm one of them!! 

Mankind suddenly picks up a chair and smashes it over Taz's head, knocking him to the floor.. Taz is outta it and his match is up next.. can EMTS revive him before the match!?

Mankind ' The Disturbed One ': HAVE A NICE DAY!

The scene fades...

Never... PLAY.. The Game

Triple H is walking backstage alone with his United States Championship, he walks down the corridor when suddenly, up to him comes Michael Cole...

Michael Cole ' Freak n' Frosty ': Triple H, Could I get a word with you about Vengeance and tonight?

Triple H ' The Game ': Ok, Make it quick..

Michael Cole ' Freak n' Frosty ': Sure, HHH.. why did you get Jeff Hardy to interfere in your match up and cause you to win..

Triple H ' The Game ': Cole, you just haven't got a clue have you? it seems, all you like to do is to walk around the backstage, jumping superstars and ask them stupid ass questions..

Michael Cole ' Freak n' Frosty ': Sorry Triple H..

Triple H ' The Game ': Did I ask you to speak Cole? Shut up already.. right, let me answer your question.. at Vengeance I did what I had to do to come out on top.. I don't care if it caused RVD some pain, or too loose his title.. but I have had enough of losing to the guy.. fair enough, it may of done it fairly, but The Game operates with no scruples... and does what it takes to win... and tonight, if Edge, Rob Van Dam and Rhino think they have what it takes to play The Game and succeed... I ask them to try it, because it will make my day..

Just then, over comes Edge laughing..

Edge ' King Of Cool ': Dude, you really do reek at this Interview thing..

Triple H ' The Game ': What?

Edge ' King Of Cool ': Damn, you deaf too? I said you reek of suckitude, your a chumpstain.. you know? A Reekasurass Rex?

Triple H ' The Game ': Edge, are you looking to get your ass whipped early?

Edge ' King Of Cool ': No, I just thought Id come on over and join in this little interview... 

Triple H ' The Game ': I don't hear anyone asking you a question, do you?

Edge ' King Of Cool ': Funny that... cause you just did.. and you did twice before...  

Triple H ' The Game ': Your not funny Edge... in fact, your getting on my nerves...

Edge ' King Of Cool ': Tell you what HHH... before your nose explodes, I'll ask you a question.. are you ready for the King Of Cool!? Cause I'm coming for you and your title HHH... be aware.. You'll NEVER PLAY THIS GAME! 

Triple H ' The Game ': Your not funny Edge... in fact, your getting on my nerves...

Both men stare each other down..

Gimmick Battle Royal - Gimmick Championship
Rikishi   Vs.    Taz   Vs.    Chris Benoit   Vs.    Justin Credible   Vs.    Johnny Stamboli  Vs.    Al Snow   Vs.    Buff Bagwell   Vs.    Mankind 

"Phat Man!" Rikishis music blares into the arena as The Phat Makes his way out onto the stage with a change of clothes, the fans cheer as he makes his way to the ring and enters. "Beep.. Beep Beep.. Beeeeeeppppp... " the arena darks as Taz makes his way out to the ring with a towel over his head, he enters and takes it off, revealing a bandage and doesn't he look pissed off.. "Shooter" Chris Benoits music hits as he makes his way to the ring... "The Coolest" Justin Credible's music hits and he makes his way to the ring.. "F.. B... I" Johnny Stambolis music hits as Johnny and the FBI make their way to the ring, Johnny enters as his pals wait on the outside. "What does Everybody want?" Al Snows music hits as he makes his way to the ring and enters.. "I'm Buff and I'm The Stuff" Buff makes his way out to the ring.. "Car Crash!" Mankind makes his way out and down the ramp, entering the ring.  All 8 Superstars are in the ring awaiting the bell... Ding Ding Ding, and were underway.. Rikishi bolts at Stamboli as does Taz at Mankind, by now everyone is going toe to toe in the ring, beating each other about.. the camera focuses in on Rikishi decimating The Bull with big right hands, whipping him to the ropes and jumping into the air.. ASS-FACE! Connected.. Rikishi is going crazy, standing above Stamboli and dropping ass first into his chest.. the Full Blooded Italian is having trouble breathing.. Meanwhile, Credible is taking out Benoit and Snow is going toe to toe with Bagwell.. The Stuff throws him into the corner, connecting a few shoulder barges before a Suplex.. smashing Snow to the canvas with authority.. Benoit is meanwhile fighting back against Credible, punching him to the ropes and.. big right.. goodbye Justin.. but wait, he didn't go, sliding back underneath the bottom rope and grabbing Benoit from behind, delivering stiff shots to the gut.. Wait.. Bagwell and Credible grab Benoit... picking him up and literately chucking him to the outside.. CHRIS BENOIT HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! ELIMINATED: Chris Benoit - Bagwell stumbles outta the corner walking into a huge Superkick by Credible who is clearing house with shots to everybody.. but wait, Rikishi ducks.. picking him up and hitting a huge Belly To Belly, taking him down.. Kish is now going crazy, pulling The Bull by the arm and taking him to the corner, he climbs the turnbuckle.. here we go!! RUMPASHAKA.... No... Chuck with some sort of Metal Pipe, jumps up and whacks him over the head.. Rikishi is just left their slumped whilst Johnny catches his breath... Meanwhile, Taz has Mankind in the Tazmission, choking the living life outta him..  Just then we see Rikishi hung up on the ropes, his weight is so huge, Johnny just cant push him over.. and wait... Irish whip reversal by Mankind sending Taz into Johnny who finally knocks off Rikishi..  ELIMINATED: Rikishi - Taz turns around in anger, decking Stamboli.. and meanwhile, all 6 men are up.. Credible is going toe to toe with Bagwell, Al is taking his frustration out on Mankind and Taz is on the floor, punching away at Johnny.. Just then, Bagwell ducks a clothesline, pushing Credible to the ropes, he leans back, clotheslining him out... goodnight Credible, you have been eliminated! ELIMINATED: Justin Credible - Bagwell smirks, walking into a clothesline from Taz.. who then gets attacked By Johnny Stamboli, both men fight each other into the corner, decimating each others already hurting bodies with stiff shots... Taz whips him out, strait into SOCKO!! MANKIND LOCKS IN SOCKO!! PUSHING HIM TO THE EDGE, MANKIND KNOCKS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH SOCKO IN HIS MOUTH!! BY GOD MANKIND! WHAT AN ATTACK!  ELIMINATED: Johnny The Bull Stamboli -  We are left down to the final four now, Mankind, Buff Bagwell, Taz and Al Snow..  Al Snow goes at it with Mankind, the two Hardcore legends, fighting it out together in the middle of the ring.. Meanwhile, Taz is dominating Bagwell with more right and left, Thug like shots, but he cant keep his eyes of Mankind.. these two are intense and the hatred is thick... TAZMISSION!!! TAZ LOCKS IN THE TAZMISSION AND HE'S SQUEEZING THE LIFE OUTTA BUFF FUCKING BAGWELL!!.. SOCKO!! SOCKO!! MANKIND LOCKS IT IN ON AL SNOW, BOTH MEN PUSH TOWARDS THE CENTER OF THE RING... TAZ DROPS BAGWELL... Grabbing Snow outta the Socko hold and throwing him over the top rope to the outside.. Al Snow has been eliminated by Taz's fury...  ELIMINATED: Al Snow -  Three left and Taz can't keep his hands on Mankind.. Bagwell awakes and goes after Taz.. both men grab him and throw him over the top too... goodnight Buff Bagwell.. ELIMINATED: Buff Bagwell  -  Were down to two men... BUT ONLY ONE CAN BE CHAMPION.. Taz punches away at Mankind and visa versa.. this is an amazing battle.. Mankind goes for Socko.. Taz ducks.. TAZMISSION!! TAZMISSION IS LOCKED IN!!.. Taz has it locked in.. taking Mankind to the ropes, trying to throw him over, but the Hardcore Legend just wont go, fighting back with elbows to the gut.. and here we go, more and more, Stacy slides a chair into the ring, Mankind elbows Taz one more time for good measure, making him release the hold, he grabs the chair and... WHACK!! NO!! TAZ MOVED!! TAZ MOVED!! TURNING MANKIND AROUND, KICKING HIM TO THE GUT AND... CLOTHESLINE... NO.. TAZ ENDS UP ON THE ROPES... CLOTHESLINE BY MANKIND.. MANKIND WINS IT!

WINNER: Mankind
TIME: 20:19

Can I have a shot?..

The scene opens up with Kurt Angle backstage.. he looks rather pleased with himself when suddenly, Mr. Ass comes up to him..

Billy Gunn ' Mr Ass ': Hey Kurt... [Looks at the Championship].. I see your European Champion, nice job... 

Kurt Angle ' Olympic Champion ': Thanks Billy..  

Billy Gunn ' Mr Ass ': No Problem man.. but you know, me and my ass were wandering, could I get a title shot? 

Kurt Angle ' Olympic Champion ': Well Billy.. I don't think so, I mean.. your a newbie.. so uh, maybe we should wait till you got some experience behind you...

Billy Gunn ' Mr Ass ': Is that so? 

Kurt Angle ' Olympic Champion ': Yeah...

Just then, into the scene comes Shane O Mac..

Shane O Mac ' The Boy Wander ': Just hold on a god damn second, don't you two even think about it.. I've watched Smackdown tonight from a monitor.. the matches were great, but the amount of backstage fights was ridiculous 

Billy Gunn ' Mr Ass ': And that's got what to do with us? 

Kurt Angle ' Olympic Champion ': Yeah.. I'm an Olympic Hero, let alone European Champion.. so what makes you think I'd fight someone backstage.. then again, I couldn't speak for this moron!

Billy Gunn ' Mr Ass ': You better shut up Kurt.. before I make you fame-ass... 

Shane O Mac ' The Boy Wander ': THAT'S IT! Next week on  Smackdown were having a few matches... so let me tell you, out their in that very ring, you will see... Stone Cold Steve Austin.. going one on one with you, Mr. Ass... in the European Championship Number 1 Contender Tournament... also.. in the other match, we will see.. Steve Corino.. going one on one with the returning.. SHAWN MICHAELS.. the winners of both match will face off on the third and last Smackdown before the PPV.. and the winner of that, will INFACT face Kurt Angle at Summerslam for the European Championship.. Kurt.. next week, you go head to head with the VERY MAN who defeated you at Vengeance.. Buff Bagwell.. non title,  Hardcore Rules! AND THAT... IS FINAL!

The scene fades out with Shane O Mac having just made 3 huge matches, Kurt Angle will face Buff Bagwell, in a non title Hardcore Match.. and in the first on the Number 1 Contender to the European Championship Tournament, Steve Corino faces the returning Shawn Michaels and in the other, Mr Ass takes on Stone Cold Steve Austin.. by the time Summerslam comes around, we will have a European Championship Match!

Three On Three Elimination
Rob Van Dam, Edge and Rhino   Vs.    Triple H, Chris Jericho and Jeff Hardy 

YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME blasts out over the public address system and then Edge appears on the top of the stage with a cocky smile on his face he then looks to the right of him as the fans cheer and chant Edge he then looks the right as the fans go crazy he then smiles and heads down to the ring with a cocky look on his face he then slides under the bottom rope and into the ring he then climbs to the second turnbuckle and then looks around the arena smiling to himself then.. ONE OF A KIND blasts out over the Public Address System followed by an Exploding Pyro then a cocky Rob Van Dam struts out onto the stage with a smile on his face he then begins to walk down to the ring when he makes it half way down the ramp when he stops and taunts as the announcer states his name 'Rob.. Van.. Dam..' he then climbs onto the apron and then climbs into the ring climbs to the top rope and begins to taunt to the fans.. Then The Man Beast Rhinos theme begins to blast out over the Public Address System when Rhino appears on the top of the stage he then makes his way down to the ring as the fans don't give him such a great response as his partners but it doesn't seem to phase him and he just walks to then ring anyway he then climbs into the ring then Jeff Hardy's theme blasts out over the public address system when Jeff Hardy's run out onto the stage then begins to taunt to the fans he then runs down the ramp and stops by the ring as he just stares at Rhino, Edge and Rob Van Dam and as they stare at each other the lights fade and then Jericho countdown appears on the titan-tron..5:00.. 4:00.. 3:00.. 2:00.. 1:00.. BOOM! BREAK THE WALLS DOWN! Blasts out over the Public Address System when The High-Lite Of Night.. Appears on the stage with his back to the fans he then extends his arms with his world title in one arm he then slowly turns around and looks down the ramp into the ring at his opponents then turns around smiling.. Chewing gum he makes his way down to the ring.. When ITS TIME TO PLAY THE GAME blasts out over the Public Address System when The Game Triple H appears on the stage but instead of having a bottle in his hand he has nothing and he just runs down to the ring then Y2J and Jeff Hardy slide into the ring with him and the match begins with both teams exchanging blows.. When Rhino gets the better hand of Triple H and sending him to the mat with a clothesline.. Jeff Hardy floors Edge with a Dropkick and Rob van Dam floors Triple H with a super kick Jeff Hardy then turns around to go for Rob van Dam but is sent to the ground by a vicious roundhouse kick. Rhino and Edge leave the ring to the tagging positions as Triple H and Y2J slowly make their way to the corner when RVD begins to stomp away at Hardy when he picks him up and begins to hit him with a few right hands whips him off the ropes bends down to hit him with a backdrop but Hardy stops and kicks him in the face. RVD slowly makes his way up when Hardy goes for a clothesline RVD ducks it hardy turns around to be hit with a super kick with this HHH runs into the ring and takes out RVD from behind with a vicious clothesline he then begins to stomp away at RVD when Edge comes off of the top rope with a missile dropkick. Y2J runs into the ring to be taken down with a clothesline. All Six men are now in the ring HHH quickly gets up and jumps Rhino from behind he then whips him over to the corner and begins to stomp away at the man beast. Edge runs at HHH who moves out the way and Edge runs straight into Rhino. Edge turns around to get a kick to the midsection then he is placed between HHH's legs and then HHH hooks his arms and is looking for the pedigree but Rhino stops it by charging out of the corner and taking HHH down with a shoulder block. Rhino turns around and Y2J grabs his legs and pulls him down to the ground and then begins to turn him over and locks in the Wall of Jericho... RHINO IS IN THE WALLS OF JERICHO IS HE GOING TO TAP? But no, RVD breaks it up with a stiff kick to the side of Y2J's head Y2J is down.. Rhino is down.. RVD turns around and is kicked in the midsection and then planted with the Pedigree now RVD is down then HHH gets up turns around and is hit by the spear from Edge, HHH is now down Edge turns around and is hit by a twist of fate by Jeff hardy who then climbs to the top rope and goes for the Swanton but somehow Edge congers up enough strength to move out of the way, All the men are down.. but within 5 long seconds RVD, Rhino and HHH are up as HHH is being double teamed he is whipped into the corner as RVD hits him with one shoulder, two shoulders, flips back runs for the third but HHH moves and runs at Rhino and hits him with a High Knee. HHH then turns RVD around hitting him with a DDT that plants RVD down straight onto his head! HHH then whips RVD into the corner and begins to stomp away at him as this is happening Rhino is stalking HHH in the corner Y2J then tries to get up and distract Rhino from the goring HHH when Edge hits Y2J with a spear and begins to punch Y2J, Hardy then runs at Rhino who backdrops him out of the ring once HHH is done with RVD he turns around and as he turns around Rhino sprints at him and connects with a devastating GORE! He then rolls HHH over into a pin.. 1... 2... 3..! RHINO HAS ELIMINATED HHH! But he then throws him out of the ring and then whips him into the barricade! Then HHH slowly gets up again when Rhino GORES him through the barricade… what a fucking GORE! HHH maybe seriously injured. As Rhino just stands there looking at HHH, RVD begins to go blow for blow with Hardy as Edge is getting beaten down by Y2J... RVD then whips Hardy off of the ropes and goes for the super kick but Hardy grabs the foot of RVD and starts to smile but RVD just looks at him smirks and then hits he infamous overstep kick straight to Hardy's jaw! RVD then goes for Y2J but Y2J sees him coming and hits him with a low blow he then runs and bounces off of the ropes flies and hits the lion Sault as the Y2J covers him the ref counts 1… 2… 3..! Y2J then gets up and is hit by a spear from Edge… Edge goes for the cover 1… 2… THRE… NO! Hardy breaks it up with a low drop kick… but as Hardy gets up he turns around and is hit by a GORE!.. He is then covered… 1… 2… 3… Rhino eliminates Hardy... Rhino then turns around and is then locked into the walls of Jericho... will Rhino... tap Edge is getting up can Rhino last... NO! Rhino taps just before Edge can get there as Edge runs Jericho takes him down by a flying clothesline… Jericho then waits for Edge to get up… Edge makes it up to his feet when Jericho runs to hit a spin kick... but Edge moves and Y2J takes out the ref! Edge then gets up at the same time as Y2J goes for clothesline Edge ducks then Y2J turns around and is hit with a few right hands Edge then goes for a clothesline which connects… he then tries to pick Y2J up when he is hit by a low blow.. Y2J then slides under the ring and gets a chair… he then climbs into the ring and at that time Edge is slowly making his way up and RVD is sliding into the ring behind Edge… Y2J swings the chair but Edge moves and RVD hits a spin kick into the chair VANDAMINATOR! RVD grabs the chair slides out of the ring when is taking out by Hardy who ran around the barricades and then jumps onto RVD then Edge crawls over and pins Y2J.. 1… 2… 3…! EDGE JUST PINNED THE WORLD CHAMPION… all the men our down as the cameras pan around the ring when the cameras are about to fade to a commercial when 'THIS IS EXTREME!' blasts out over the Public Address System followed by the Old School ECW Theme.. The Raven and Corino appear on the stage... What The Fuck is this… and why are Corino and Raven coming out to the ECW theme and together?! Raven and Corino then make their way down to the ring when they grab Hardy and roll him into the ring they do same to Y2J and HHH but by this time RVD… Rhino… and Edge are all up and in the ring RVD begins to beat down on Y2J... with some vicious kicks to the ribs... at this time Raven is beating down on Hardy with a few vicious right hands… and Corino is beating down on HHH what the fuck is this... Edge is just hanging around getting in some kicks when he turns around to call Rhino over he is hit by a GORE! RVD brings Y2J out of the corner and hits him with a roundhouse kick which floors Y2J he then walks over jumps to the top rope and then hits a five star frog splash... Corino picks up HHH and hits the Old School Expulsion and Raven hits the Even flow DDT on Hardy... as they look down at the fallen enemies they raise there hands as the old school ECW theme blasts out over the Public Address System.. TEAM ECW HAVE ARRIVED IN CWF... AND WHAT AN IMPACT THEY MADE but Y2J, Edge, HHH and Jeff Hardy wont take this lying down!

WINNER: RVD, Edge and Rhino
TIME: 29:53

Smackdown goes off the air with Team ECW Standing tall over the carnage they have made... suddenly, we flicker off and fade out...


CWF OOC: Okay well, Smackdown Roleplaying was amazing yet again, way into the 'era of awesomeness' we are lol. Uh, I have to say, I really enjoyed many of the Roleplays posted and our champions are well deserved, Id like to thank everyone for the effort they put in once again and Desire next week will hopefully follow on from this one, being just as good in all aspects. I have to say that right now, I'm going to clear out all the crap off the rosters, people that didn't Roleplay, will be fired... I don't like the slacking they produce and if you cant spend a little time making the CWF a better place, then your gone.

So, here goes... the fired people... Rikishi and Chris Benoit have been let go, that's all for time time around.

I would like to welcome Brock Lesnar, Road Dogg, Hurricane, Hardcore Hak, Chris Benoit w/ Perry Saturn, La Resistance,  Randy Orton and Dean Malenko

Also, here is how they will line up...

HOUR 1: Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton and Rodney Mack w/ Theodore Long

HOUR 2: Hurricane, Road Dogg,  La Resistance, Hardcore Hak, Dean Malenko and AJ Styles

That's all from me, great rping and goodluck next week.