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Deadline: 8pm UK Time, Sunday The 4th Of May
RP Limit: 3 Roleplays Per Star
: Sunday, 4th of May 2003
Location: Boston Massachusetts
Arena: Fleet Center


A countdown is shown, 10... 9... 8... 7.... 6... 5.... 4... 3... 2.. 1.. "Icons Survive".. A loud, dark and mysterious voice echo's throughout the arena before, BOOM.. Fireworks explode from the turnbuckles and entrance ramp, tonight is going to be fantastic and the crowd knows it, screaming at the top of their voices, cheering. Suddenly, the camera goes wild throughout the arena, showing the audience before going to ringside where we see Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, happy and merry... wearing suits and looking like they can't wait to start.

Jim Ross 'B B Q  K I N G' : Welcome to Wrestlemania One! Folks, tonight is going to be explosive, I'm Jim Ross here at ringside with my ever present co-host.. Jerry 'The King' Lawler... Jerry, welcome to Wrestlemania and welcome to the Championship Wrestling Federation.. if you fans are wandering, commentating has never been a thing here in the CWF, but tonight is different and myself, along with The King.. get to commentate for you people..

Jerry Lawler ' T H E   K I N G' : Jim, tonight is going to be special, not only with us being at ringside, but with the matches taking place, it's going to be amazing.. and I'll tell you people something, if nothing... but on Smack!down last week... this happened...

Rewind: The camera shows a huge Rewind sign before showing last week on Smackdown where Steve Austin was covered in milk by Kurt Angle, afterwards we see Eric Bischoff making the match between Austin and Angle for the medals at the Pay Per View..

Jim Ross 'B B Q  K I N G' : Very true Jerry, Very true...

Raven    Vs.    Test    Vs.   Lance Storm    Vs.   Jerry Lynn
Stipulation: Hardcore Championship Match

The scene comes back from a quick WM promo for later on tonight and strait into the ring where Jerry Lynn's music has just stopped playing, all four stars are currently in the ring and staring each other down. Ding Ding Ding, the bell rings and the action quickly starts with Test and Raven going toe to toe with each other before Lynn and Storm start off... suddenly, Test whips Raven across the ring, strait into a clothesline by Lance, who then turns around and decks Lynn with a great right hand, which doesn't keep him down as he is soon back to his feet and running at The Canadian who quickly takes him down with another right hand.. Raven is by now up, attacking Storm from behind, whipping him into the corner and following with a huge shoulder barge and a battery of European uppercuts to the face of Lance... then into the brawl comes Test with a huge running clothesline, attacking Lance over the back of the head and one to Raven just for good measure. Meanwhile, The New F'n Show has gone to the outside and went underneath the ring, pulling out a table, a chair and some other weapons. He slides back into the ring after throwing the weapons in, picking up a trash can and smashing Test over the head with it, knocking him strait to the canvas... Lynn soon goes back to work, pulling Test up and throwing him to the outside, then going to work on Raven, dropping him with an elbow before a cheeky cover, only getting a two count. Lance Storm is by now to his feet and setting a few tables up, grabbing a getting into the ring Test and slamming him head first off it.. dropping him strait after with a huge DDT... Lynn meanwhile picks up Raven and rolls him onto the table, climbing the top rope and screaming into the audience. Jerry is about to jump off when out of no-where, Storm jumps onto the middle turnbuckle with The New Fucking Show standing on the top one, just above him.. Lance punches him to the gut a few times before sticking his head between Lynn's arm and... FISHERMAN SUPERPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE, THROUGH THE TABLE AND RAVEN!!! All three men are down and hurting with crushed table all around them, Test soon uses the ropes to get himself to his feet, dazing around the ring holding his head in agony before noticing that Raven, Jerry Lynn and Lance Storm are all down and hurt... The Big Man smirks evilly before taking it to his advantage, cockily covering Raven... One... Two... Raven Kicks out! My god, I cannot believe it, he somehow kicks out and Test is pissed! Test quickly yanks him to his feet and... TEST DRIVE!! NO!  RAVEN REVERSES, DROPS OUT OF IT AND... EVENFLOW DDT!! HE COVERS... One... Two... Three!! Raven has done it! Raven is the new Hardcore Champion

The scene then goes to the backstage area with Eric Bischoff on the phone to someone, 

Eric Bischoff 'E Z E  E' : Sure, of course... I know Mr. .... Wait... I know, I've got it.. Okay, I'll talk to you tomorrow... okay, bye.

Suddenly, then into the room comes Chief Morley...

Chief Morley 'V A L   V E N I S' : Who was that?

Eric Bischoff 'E Z E  E' : Mr. Vince McMahon..

Chief Morley 'V A L   V E N I S' : What did he want?

Eric Bischoff 'E Z E  E' : He wanted to know what exactly I was going to do with the space we have for another Championship.. such as, what name will I call it... what will it represent... 

Chief Morley 'V A L   V E N I S' : Have you decided yet?

Eric Bischoff 'E Z E  E' : Not yet, but I will eventually, anyway, off the subject... has Steve Austin arrived yet?

Chief Morley 'V A L   V E N I S' : Nope, I have security awaiting the back and front entrances..

Eric Bischoff 'E Z E  E' : Good good, remember... we can't let him and Angle meet before the match, if they do, they're will be hell to pay around here! This is our semi-main event, remember that!

Morley leaves to check on security as Bischoff is left smirking... 

Rob Van Dam, John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Sean O'Haire   Vs.  The New World Order
Stipulation: Four Man Team Elimination

"One Of A Kind" Boom Boom Boom.. Fireworks explode from the Titantron in little puff explosions and out from behind the curtain comes Rob Van Dam.. he quickly makes his way to the ring and enters, getting a tremendous ovation from The fans. "Rap Master JC" John Cena's music hurtles into the arena followed by the repeating voice of a rap master... Suddenly, out from behind the curtain comes John who quickly bigs up the crowd and makes his way to the ring... "Here Comes The Pain"... Brock Lesnar's theme then plays into the arena as the third of four makes his way out with manager Paul Heyman and walks towards the ring.. "I'm Just Telling You Something, You Already Know!" Brock bounces on the ring apron and then hops in... "Cruel Intentions" Sean O'Haire's music echoes in the PA System as the crowd begins to send mixed reactions. Sean O'Haire comes out from behind the curtain and goes a little crazy on the stage. He then sprints down the ramp and slides in the ring... Then the camera goes black and white, with bubbles and all kind of stuff as "Nah-Nah-Nah-New World OORRRDDEERR" the NWO's music hits as Double J, Hayabusa, Nash, and Steiner steps out doing the wolf head with their fingers. They walk down the stage in Black and White as their music backs them up. Slowly they stroll down the ramp and as they approach the ring, the cameras show color. They all surround the four sides of the ring, and the other team lines up with them. DING DING DING! All four men get into the ring as the eight of them battle it out in all sides of the ring. The referee begins to separate them and Lesnar executes a top rope Suplex to Nash! These two will start it off as the other move back to their respected team's side. Lesnar and Nash circle each other for a while, and tease each other. Then finally they lock-up and Nash gets Brock in a headlock. Brock then pushes Nash into the ropes, gains momentum, and BACK DROP! To Big Sexy. The two get up rather quick and Lesnar de-heads Nash sending the big man to the canvas. Lesnar.. off the ropes, he propels back and jumps in the air. He goes for a leg drop, but Nash moves out of the way. Lesnar gets up slowly, clenching his hamstring area. He looks up only to be booted in the face by Kevin Nash. Nash then walks over and tags in the next big man, Steiner. Nash walks over to the ropes and places Lesnar neck on the ropes, and Lesnar's feet on his shoulders. Steiner bounces of the ropes, leaps over Nash head and lands right on the lower back of Brock! Nash gets out of the ring as Steiner picks up Lesnar. He latches on and executes a perfect German Suplex. The next big thing goes down. Paul Heyman jumps on the apron to try and stop this. Hayabusa gets on the top rope and hits a HUGE! 450 back flip! What a move! He quickly slides out as the referee turns back around. Steiner continues to dominate over Brock Lesnar. Brock then powers back with punches of his own and then gets a giant clothesline! He then runs with a limp to his corner and tags in RVD. Lesnar rolls out and Heyman runs to his side. Rob Van Dam hustles around the ring, avoiding attacks from Steiner. Then Rob bounces off the ropes and dropkicks Scott's knee! Steiner goes down to one knee and RVD.. DROPKICK TO THE JAW! Steiner falls straight backwards. Scott is laid out. Rob bounces off of the ropes and executes a rolling thunder! RVD goes for a pin. 1..2..kickout after a near fall. RVD gets up and grabs Steiner. Scott goes for a boot to the gut, RVD catches the boot, spins around and wheel kicks Steiner in the face! Steiner goes down again and RVD climbs the ropes. He looks at the fans as he gets to the top and points to himself R.. V.. D! The crowd says it with him. He leaps off and executes a FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! Steiner's out cold! RVD goes for a pin. Hayabusa distracts the ref while Jarrett slams a steel chair over the skull of Rob. The ref turns back around as Steiner begins to get up. Rob lays down low, not moving. Steiner then stands over his back and picks him up by the hair. He wraps his arms around him and executes a belly to back. RVD, comes to life in mid air, and flips. He lands on his feet and desperately makes a tag to John Cena! JC comes storming in with lefts and rights. He knocks down Steiner, then Nash, cheap shot on Hayabusa and turns around with a haymaker on the now standing Steiner. Scott falls back and Hayabusa tags himself in with a blind sided tag. Hayabusa jumps on the ropes. He leaps off and hits a Hurricanranna to JC. The two go down and Hayabusa get's up quickly. JC is laying right next to the turnbuckles. Hayabusa leaps over JC and lands on the second turnbuckle. He bounces off with a Moonsault.. AND JC MOVES! Hayabusa hits hard as JC lifts him up by the hair. He puts him over his shoulders and connects with a sit-out Piledriver! The crowd goes crazy as John then locks in a leg grapevine submission. Hayabusa kip-ups and maneuvers out. The two lock up, and JC takes a strength advantage. He then hits an overhead belly-to-belly to Hayabusa! The Extreme Icon goes down. Cenilla Ice then moves to the NWO's corner and punches the hell out of Jarrett, as well as Nash and Steiner. They all three get frustrated and John Cena turns around and gets a dropkick to the jaw. Cena stumbles back into the ropes and Hayabusa flies at him with a poetry in motion type move. John falls to the mat and pulls the top rope down with him! HAYABUSA GOES FLYING OVER THE TOP ROPE! He lands right in front of the announcers table, he's lucky he didn't fall through. JC then taunts Hayabusa as he slowly gets up. Double J jumps down and tags himself in. He runs into the ring and the two men battle it out face to face lefts and rights. Cena gains control and sends Jarrett into the ropes. JJ comes back and JC connects with a back body drop. Cena runs over and tags in O'Haire. Sean and JJ lock-up and JC jumps from the top rope and missile dropkicks JJ in the ribs! Double J goes down hard and Cena goes back into his corner. O'Haire takes control of JJ and locks in a dragon sleeper! The slap nut almost taps. Sean release the hold, but keeps his grip. He then turns it into a reverse DDT! Jarrett goes crashing down to the canvas. Sean gets up and walks over to the ropes. HE takes one jump and lands on the top. He turns around and leaps off! SEATON BOMB! SEANTON BOMB! THIS COULD BE ALL! He goes for the cover. One.. Two.. THREE! THE NWO HAS LOST to RVD, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Sean O'Haire! Sean's music plays through the pa system as the four men stand tall over the NWO.

The scene comes back from commercial after that amazing match up, to see Kurt Angle, walking down the corridor with Team Angle 

Kurt Angle 'O L Y M P I A N' : Right Edge, remember.. I cannot lose... got that pal?

Edge 'K I N G    O F    C O O L' : Totally Kurt, without a doubt.. you will beat Steve Austin and even if you don't, it doesn't matter.. me and Christian will get your medals back..

Christian 'S E L F   P R O C L A I M E D   C H A M P I O N ' : Kurt, as my big bro says, your medals are key priority and we know it.. so don't worry!

Kurt Angle 'O L Y M P I A N' : Good, Good... I want my freakin medals back, I earned them.. THEIR MINE DARN IT! Stone Cold is gonna get his butt kicked all over this place tonight... I.. I..

Edge 'K I N G    O F    C O O L' : Calm down man, calm down...

Christian 'S E L F   P R O C L A I M E D   C H A M P I O N ' :  Don't let him get you stressed out Kurt, that's what he wants.. use your frustration in the ring..

Kurt Angle 'O L Y M P I A N' : I will.. IT'S TRUE.. IT'S DAMN TRUE! WOOOOO!

Kurt storms off down the corridor, leaving Edge and Christian to look at each other.. worried indeed... suddenly, we flick to the ring where the lights are dim and... BOOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM...

Come On.. Yeah.. Jericho... Huh, One.. BREAK THE WALLS DOWN! Break Down The Walls.. For thosee about to Rock and what ya want, baby you know you're Judas and I'm your Priest... Baby what I got is not from the least.. bring it through the stage in the rage of a beast.. Step in the arena and Break The Walls Down, Step in the arena and Break The Walls Down, So good.. You know I got ya, So Right... Yeah.. Yeah.. Awaken from a deep sleep, you're all weak, your living in the agony of defeat.. I' am the master of your  whole heap,  I' am the pack that flock ya like sheep.. Step Into The Town and Break The Walls Down, Your Heart Beat is the only sound.. Step into the light and then you'll know, you've just been dropped by THE WALLS OF JERICHO!! For those about to Rock, Set The Clock, For those about to jump, I'm all Pumped, For those about to go, watch me flow.. Break Down the Walls.. Of.. JERICHO! For those about to Rock and what ya want, baby you know you're Judas and I'm your Priest... Baby what I got is not from the least.. bring it through the stage in the rage of a beast.. Step in the arena and Break The Walls Down, Step in the arena and Break The Walls Down, So good.. You know I got ya, So Right... Yeah.. Yeah.. Awaken from a deep sleep, you're all weak, your living in the agony of defeat.. I' am the master of your  whole heap,  I' am the pack that flock ya like sheep.. Step Into The Town and Break The Walls Down, Your Heart Beat is the only sound.. Step into the light and then you'll know, you've just been dropped by THE WALLS OF JERICHO!! 

Chris Jericho 'F O Z Z Y' : Did you jerky's like that? (Catches Breath as the fans cheer).. Well... usually I'd only grace you people with just the one song.. but tonight, I'm in a good mood and since it's Wrestlemania, the show in which LIVING LEGENDS such as MYSELF are made... LET ME ROCK YOU WITH OUR LATEST SINGLE... BLACKOUT! Something... Taker will know alot about come tonight!

I realize I missed a day, But I'm too wrecked to care anyway... I look around and see this face, What the hell have I lost my taste?.. Don't want to find out, Just want to cut out.. My head explodes, my ears ring.. I can't remember just where I've been.. The last thing that I recall, I got lost in a deep black hole.. Don't want to find out, Just want to cut out... BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, I grab my things and make my run, on the way out, another one.. Would like to know before I stop, did I make it or did Ilop? Don't want to find out, just want to cut out... BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!! Don't want to find out.. Just want to get out... BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!! BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!! BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!, BLACKOUT!! I really had a BLACKOUT!!.. 

Chris Jericho 'F O Z Z Y' : Undertaker.. (Catches Breath as the fans cheer).. YOU WILL NEVER.. E... E... E... E.. EVER.. BE THE SAME.. AGAAIIINNN!!!

Jim Ross 'B B Q  K I N G' : What a stunning performance by Fozzy folks,  singing  two singles off their album, Walls Of Jericho and Blackout... a Stunning night so far King..

Jerry Lawler ' T H E   K I N G' : Without a doubt, we've seen two pure classic matches, a live singing performance and topping the bill, next up is Jeff Hardy   Vs.   Batista in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match... how did this one come about?

Rewind: It was supposed to be Sting Vs. Jeff Hardy, Tables, Ladders and Chairs on the biggest night of them all, and what did it turn out to be? NOTHING! Because Sting was later in the evening released from his contract and who took a quick chance and jumped in? Batista.. the Genetic Revolution, fueled by Paul Heyman.. took his chance and attacked Hardy in the backstage area, the promo plays before being cut off and...

Jeff Hardy   Vs.  Batista w/ Paul Heyman
Stipulation: Tables, Ladders and Chairs..

"Until My Last Breath" Jeff Hardy's new music blares into the arena as one half of the Tag Team Champions and Five Star Champ, makes his way out onto the entrance ramp, holding both titles in the air... suddenly, gold pieces of paper fall from the ceiling.. this match is going to be classic. Just then, Jeff's music stops and 'Genetic Revolution' Batista's music hits and the fans stay silent, giving him no ovation at all... he soon walks to the ring and enters, staring blankly at Jeff. Ding, Ding, Ding... the bell rings and strait away were on with Jeff attacking Batista with left and right hands, pummeling him into the corner.. kicks, elbows, shoulder barges, Hardy is going crazy and pulls him outta the corner, whipping Batista to the ropes, on return, ducking a clothesline and hitting with a huge spinning kick, whacking head foot first into the Jaw of The Genetic Monster. Heyman then makes his way out, screaming at Batista to get up... which he does and at exactly the same time as Hardy, both men exchange a few right and lefts before locking up, twisting left, right, left again,.. eventually ending with Jeff having Batista in a headlock, running around him, swapping into an armbar and grabbing the opposite arm.. by now he has both arms locked behind Batista's back and takes his chance, slamming him overhead with a double hook Suplex... The Technical ability ends and eventually we get down to business with Jeff going to the outside and putting a ladder, a chair and two tables into the ring, following with himself... he sets up a table in each corner and a ladder in the center of the ring.. Heyman is screaming instructions to Batista and Jeff doesn't intend him to hear them, climbing the ladder and to everyone's surprise, jumping off, hitting hard onto Paul Heyman with a huge Crossbody Block! The fans are ecstatic, loving the action as Jeff crawls back into the ring, dizzy and holding his head... he pulls Batista up and.. WHACK! What the fuck, Batista had a chair, he had a chair and by god, he just let Jeff Hardy know it, the fans boo like crazy as he drops it and taunts them, a reply is shown on the Titantron, he had already slid it underneath him whilst Jeff was on the outside, no-one saw it coming and now The Genetic Monster is in control... pulling The Five Star Champion to his feet and decking him with a huge Spinebuster, dropping an elbow drop and yet again, getting himself up and pulling Jeff with him.. Heyman is still down and the atmosphere around the arena is huge and intense as Batista grabs him on his shoulder and runs him into the corner turnbuckles, slamming his chest with a huge fuck off chop, one.. two.. three.. wait, Hardy fights back, blocking a chop and, RIGHT HAND... ONE.. TWO... THREE OF EM! Jeff pounds his way out of the corner, eventually beating Batista down onto a Table, Hardy climbs the ladder.. looks down with intensity and... HE'S GONNA FLY... Wait, Batista is up and off the table, he runs, jumps off the middle rope and.. DROPKICK to the ladder, HARDY FLIES ALRIGHT, ALL THE WAY TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING! The fans are loving this match, absolutely loving it as Heyman decides to get involved and picks Hardy up, rolling him into the ring, throwing him back to the dogs... Suddenly, Batista attempts a right hook but is blocked, reversed and.. JAW BREAKER!! What a Jaw Breaker by The Five Star Champion, Batista bounces back onto a table, landing on it, half on, half on.. Jeff climbs the ladder and screams into the fans... "AWWWWWW".... SWANTON BOMB!!! SWANTON BOMB!!! SWANTON BOMB!!! Connected!! JEFF HARDY CRASHES THROUGH A TABLE AND BATISTA!! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN, The referee doesn't know what he can do... he isn't starting a count out and what's this.. IT'S RAVEN! Jeff Hardy is gonna have Raven interfere... The King Of Hardcore and Extreme goes strait underneath the ring, pulling out a bunch of tables and sliding them into the action.. he quickly decks Heyman with a right and follows.. the fans are cheering and chanting, jeering and applauding... Raven is keen to give them what they want, setting up two tables, then two on top of that, four all together, in a 2 by 2 situation... he then sets up the ladder and awakes Jeff, Jeff smirks and hold's his head, climbing up the ladder and awaiting Raven who picks Batista up and puts him on the opposite side of the ladder... wait.. WHAT THE FUCK IS RAVEN DOING, HE HAS A CHAIR AND.... SHOT TO THE BACK OF HARDY, RAVEN CLIMBS THE LADDER, SMILING EVILLY, THE FANS ARE NOW BOOING.. RAVEN GRABS HARDY'S HEAD IN A REVERSE DDT AND... IN MID-AIR... CONVERTING IT INTO A HUGE EVENFLOW DDT.. THROUGH FOUR FUCKING TABLES!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!! BATISTA HASN'T GOT A CLUE ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON... AND DROPS OFF THE LADDER, ROLLING RAVEN'S PRONE BODY OUTTA THE RING AND COVERING JEFF HARDY'S.. The referee counts... One... Two.... Three! Batista has won it, and it's all thanks to that bastard Raven.. what is going on!? What's his motive!? Only he knows!

The scene then shoots to the backstage area where Triple H is preparing his knee braces when suddenly, into his lockeroom comes Jerry Lynn..

Triple H 'T H E   G A M E' : What do you want, Lynn?

Jerry Lynn 'N E W   F 'N    S H O W' : It's not what I want, but what I can do for you..

Triple H 'T H E   G A M E' : Is that so..

Jerry Lynn 'N E W   F 'N    S H O W' : Uh huh, Well HHH.. if you don't want my help, then fine.. your loss.. or well, it could be...

Triple H 'T H E   G A M E' : Wait a minute... hit me.. what's your idea?

Jerry Lynn 'N E W   F 'N    S H O W' : Oh HHH, I'm very glad indeed you said that, you see... I used to Wrestle Rhino in ECW.. and if their is JUST ONE PERSON in this whole company that knows his weak spots, it's me... so...

Triple H 'T H E   G A M E' : Heh, I admire your balls.. but I can beat Rhino alone..

Jerry Lynn 'N E W   F 'N    S H O W' : Well, okay.. that's all good and I don't doubt it, but lemme ask you a question...

Triple H 'T H E   G A M E' : Go for it..

Jerry Lynn 'N E W   F 'N    S H O W' : What's Rhino's Weak Spot?

Triple H 'T H E   G A M E' : I haven't got a clue..

Jerry Lynn 'N E W   F 'N    S H O W' : Heh, and you don't need my help? I think you do HHH.. let me shut this door and talk to you for a little while, you might find what I have to say, very Interesting...

Triple H nods and Lynn shuts the door, shutting the cameras out.

The Undertaker    Vs.     Chris Jericho
Stipulation: Buried Alive Match

5.... 4... 3... 2... 1.. BOOM... "Break The Walls Down" Chris Jericho's music for the second time tonight, blasts into the arena as The Ayatollah makes his way out to the ring for a huge battle with The Undertaker... Y2J's music then stops and "Deadman Walking" a huge ovation from the audience goes up as The American Badass storms onto the stage, evilly staring down his opponent.. to the right of him we see a bunch of sand and a casket... the fans love it and by god were not gonna wait no more cause here comes Y2J, he bolts to outside, attacking Taker with a huge set of left and right hands, knocking him back towards the entrance he just come out of.. The Undertaker is reeling and smashes back onto the base of the Titantron, Y2J is on a roll grabbing Taker and throwing him full whack against the base, once, twice, three times... wham and a fourth, by god with authority and Taker falls down in agony, pure agony... stomp, what the fuck, Jericho is stomping down on his head and body like a rabid dog, god this is a vicious assault and it isn't over, he pulls him to his feet and takes him towards the edge of the stage, Christ no, this can't be what I think it will... Y2J taunts to the fans, screaming at them, holding his arms in the air, high in the air, raking the eyes of The Deadman picking him up in a bodyslam position, you don't think so do you... YES! Wait.. NO!! Undertaker somehow reversed, picking up Y2J.. head pointing downwards.. TOMBSTONE! TOMBSTONE!! Both men collapse, one hurt and one worn down... this match has only just started and already we've seen some brawling, some Tombstone and what's next... BURIAL!? We'll see... and soon we will as Undertaker gets to his feet, pulling up Jericho and taking him towards the sand pit, the fans are on their feet as he lifts him into the air, dropping him with a Spinebuster.. what a slam... Taker grabs a spade and starts digging a hole, one shovel, two shovels and so on, wait, LOW BLOW... Y2J out of complete no-where connects a low blow.. Taker falls down, attempting to whack Chris on the head with the spade, but he moved... and luckily for him.. The Living Legend is now in control, not fully.. but basically, getting to his feet and slowly getting up The Deadman, whipping him into the fan barrier, his back harshly slamming against it.. suddenly into the picture out of no-where comes KURT ANGLE.. what the hell is he doing here!? Y2J turns around and... LEFT HAND, KURT ANGLE IS TAKING IT TO CHRIS JERICHO AND I DON'T GET THE GOD DAMNED CONNECTION.. WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING THIS FOR? ANGLE PICKS HIM UP AND.. ANGLE SLAM! HE DROPS HIM WITH IT, AND HITS IT LARGE.. THIS COULD BE ALL FOR CHRIS JERICHO.... Angle leaves to a bunch of mixed reaction, Y2J is out of it and Undertaker stirring... He picks Chris up and puts him in the coffin, smirking as he closes the lid... but wait, IT'S TRIPLE FUCKING H! TRIPLE H DOESN'T LIKE THIS... HE ATTACKS UNDERTAKER FROM BEHIND WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER, PUSHING HIM INTO THE COFFIN WITH SUCH FORCE... Y2J IS STIRRING AND HHH PULLS HIM OUT, CLOSING THE LID ON THE AMERICAN BADASS!!! HHH tries to wake up Y2J but the fan's aren't liking it... Jericho pushes the coffin in the grave and covers it up, this is disgusting... The Ayatollah wins it, the bell rings.. Y2J has defeated The Undertaker and with help from Triple H... I don't get this, why did Angle attack Jericho and why did HHH help him!?

The scene comes back from commercial to show someone strange in the backstage area, this person is wearing a blue and yellow costume, much like Scorpio from Mortal Combat.. suddenly, up to him comes Lance Storm..

Lance Storm 'C A N A D I AN    I M P A C T' : Uh, I don't believe we've met..

Bill Demott 'G E N E R A L   R E C T I O N' : That's because we haven't, dipshit!

Lance Storm 'C A N A D I AN    I M P A C T' : Excuse me?

Bill Demott 'G E N E R A L   R E C T I O N' : Why, what have ya done?

Lance Storm 'C A N A D I AN    I M P A C T' : Huh? Listen you un-educated moron... I was trying to be polite.. but you just had to..

Bill Demott 'G E N E R A L   R E C T I O N' : Interrupt? Sue me!

Lance Storm 'C A N A D I AN    I M P A C T' : Well, don't you have an attitude problem..

Bill Demott 'G E N E R A L   R E C T I O N' : Do I? Well.. that's no laughing matter...

Suddenly, out of no-where, Demott smashes Storm with a right hand before beating his head off a nearby juice table, he leaves him to fall to the floor and walks away...  what was that about?

The Rock    Vs.     Al Snow (c)
Stipulation: X-Championship Match

"If Ya Smell... What The Rock.. Is Cookin'?" The Rock's music hits and out onto the entrance ramp, receiving a huge ovation comes The Rock... he quickly makes his way down to the ring and enters, awaiting his opponent.. just then "What Does Everybody Want?" Al Snow's music hits and to the ring he comes, holding his X Championship.. he enters and stares down Rocky before The Rock explodes, taking it to Snow in the corner with left and right hands then slamming him hard with a Suplex... the fans love it and The Rock knows it, stomping away at him before picking him up, lifting him into the air and dropping him yet again, this time with a Samoan Drop. The Rock is on a roll, covering.. One.. Two.. Kick Out! It's not gonna be over so soon and The Rock should know it! He soon pulls him back up and throws him into the ropes, on return slamming him down with a clothesline, such authority by The Rock who strait after, picks him up and goes to work on Snow's leg with a couple of dragon screws and some stomps... he quickly grabs Snow's leg and twists it inside his own, bending it beyond all recognition and pumping it. Al is screaming in agony, in pain... angry but hurting and it doesn't get any better when The Rock drops in a figure four leg lock and squeezes it... Al is either over-dramatizing the situation or has a damaged leg.. either way, The Rock doesn't give a shit and let's go, pulling him up and... ROCK BOTTOM! The Rock connects a huge Rock Bottom and covers... One... Two.. Three! The Rock wins it and Al Snow hasn't even had a look in... is The Rock done? Hell no, he goes to the outside and gets a chair, entering the ring and smashing down on Snow's leg, once, twice, three times... The Rock is going crazy and referees are rushing to the ring, pulling him away and helping Al.. the scene fades to the backstage with The Rock smirking as referees hold him back.

The camera fades to the backstage area, after that tremendous match, only to find.. Steve Austin has arrived...

Steve Austin 'S T O N E    C O L D' : Aye, son.. lemme in..

Mr. Security Guard 'D I C K L E S S' : Sorry Mr. Austin, I can't let you enter the building...

Steve Austin 'S T O N E    C O L D' : I aint in no mood for jokin' around son, so move yur sorry ass and let Stone Cold in the building..

Mr. Security Guard 'D I C K L E S S' : I'm not joking Mr. Austin, Eric Bischoff has given me strict instructions not to let you into the arena until Kurt Angle has entered the ring and his music has stopped...

Steve Austin 'S T O N E    C O L D' : How the hell is Stone Cold gonna prepare, if that jackass boss of yurs aint gonna let me in here, uh? Well how bout, I take my bags.. WHAT!? I said, how bout, I take my bags.. put my ass in my truck and drive home, how bout that? 

Mr. Security Guard 'D I C K L E S S' : Hold on a second Mr. Austin, I'll phone Eric... [Uses his handset] Mr. Bischoff, I have Steve Austin here, he would like to enter the arena, strictly to prepare for his match up with Kurt Angle, he said.. if he doesn't get in, he'll leave... Huh huh... okay... I understand, absolutely.. [Stops talking to eZe E]... Rob, Carl, Louie.... cover the back entrance, John, Raul and Carlo.. come over here... Mr. Austin, we've been told to not let you LEAVE or ENTER the arena, you will be wrestling tonight and unfortunately, you will have to prepare out here...

Steve Austin 'S T O N E    C O L D' : Is that so.. well [Flips them a birdie]... You wanna keep Steve Austin trapped, huh? You want me to be a caged beast, you want that, huh? Well son, fine.. just fine, cause no matter what, I'mma open a can of whoopass on Kurt Angle tonight... drink a few beers, open some more whoopass and walk out the winner.. What, I said.. WALK OUT THE WINNER! and that's the BOTTOM LINE, CUZ' STONE COLD SAID SO!

Scene fades.....

Steve Austin    Vs.    Kurt Angle
Stipulation: Medals Match

"Medals!" Kurt Angle's music hits and the fans are going crazy, knowing that the sub-main event is coming up next... Kurt then makes his way out onto the entrance ramp and takes a couple of steps forward, throwing his arms into the air and watching the fireworks explode from the turnbuckles and the ramp itself.. Kurt then walks down the ramp and enters the ring.. the guards backstage have now let Austin go and he bolts through towards the entrance ramp.. Glass suddenly shatters and Step Up blasts into the ring and by then, The Rattlesnake has bolted it onto the stage, and down the ramp, sliding into the ring and attacking Angle with left and rights, more lefts, more rights, Austin is going crazy, beating Angle into the corner where he starts stomping down into his gut, kick after kick, Kurt gets lower and lower until eventually hitting the canvas and getting a mud-hole stomped strait through him.. the fans are going mental as Stone Cold grabs Kurt's head and pulls him up, throwing him to the ropes and on return flying into the air with a huge Lou Thez Press... The pounding shots echo throughout the arena and Austin is going crazy, sliding to the outside and grabbing a chair.. he then enters the ring and attacks Angle with it, shot after shot, beating down on him, hurting him, hounding him.. The fans are going mental with cheers, Austin is taking it all in and working off it, picking Angle up and connecting a Suplex... following up from that with a huge elbow drop.. Stone Cold is rabid, yet again puling The Medaless Hero up and hitting some more moves, including a great DDT! That could'a split open his head it had so much force... The Rattlesnake covers... One... Two... KICK OUT! KURT ANGLE KICKS OUT, HOW HE DID IT I DON'T KNOW, But This match has been ALL AUSTIN.... suddenly, Kurt gets up, dizzy he is, but what does that matter, attacking The Rattlesnake, toe to toe, exchanging some powerful fists, eye rake.. Austin yet again takes control, slapping his hand across Angles chest, wait, Angle grabs a hand, twists it and... Overhead Suplex! Both men are down and The Olympic Champion could of just gave himself a huge life line... amazing! The referee can't count it out and awaits both men to get to their feet, they soon do and start yet again slugging it out, beating each other backward and forward until a low blow from Kurt Angle, Angle doesn't wanna be losing this anymore and runs at him, clotheslining him down.. Angle is getting control of the match, climbing the top rope and... MOONSAULT!! NO!! Austin moved... Austin tricked him.. he covers... One.... Two... Kick out! Another near fall for The Rattlesnake! Wait.. what's this, it's Edge and Christian... Both men have chairs.. they slide into the ring and.. Austin is up... WHACK! CON-CHAIR-TO!! AUSTIN JUST GOT RATTLED WITH A HUGE CON-CHAIR-TO... Angle is by now up, hurting but up... he picks Austin up and... ANGLE SLAM!! ANGLE SLAM!! HE COVERS.... ONE.... TWO..... THREE!!! EDGE AND CHRISTIAN AND HELPED KURT ANGLE TO DEFEAT STEVE AUSTIN... KURT WANTS A CHAIR, DON'T DO IT KURT... AUSTIN HAS HAD ENOUGH DAMMIT.... NO... WAIT.... WHACK!!! ANGLE JUST DECIMATED AUSTIN WITH ANOTHER CHAIR SHOT

The scene goes to the backstage area where Eric Bischoff is talking with Chris Jericho..

Eric Bischoff 'E Z E   E' : What's up Chris?

Chris Jericho ' K O T W ' : I'm fed up with crap matches Bischoff, I want title shots...

Eric Bischoff 'E Z E   E' : Well Chris, as a matter of fact, I have one for you.. for RAW...

Chris Jericho ' K O T W ' : Really?

Eric Bischoff 'E Z E   E' : Indeed

Chris Jericho ' K O T W ' : Good! Then that's my rant over and remember.. Im uh... uh.. King Of The World!

Bischoff walks away leaving Y2J smiling.

Rhino (c)    Vs.     Triple H
Stipulation: World Championship

"Fear The Gore" Rhino's music plays over the public address system and the main event has finally started... Rhino then comes out from behind the curtain holding his World Championship over his shoulder, looking pissed but focused on defeating The Game.. he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring, awaiting HHH... suddenly.. "IT'S TIME TO PLAY THE GAME... MUAHAHAHAH" Triple H's music blasts into the arena strait over the PA System... the fans go ecstatic as HHH makes his way out from behind the curtain and to the ring, entering and staring down Rhino, both men are in an intense stare down when suddenly, wham, both men explode, trading left and right hands, Rhino taking control knocking The Game back towards the ropes, pushing him against them and whipping him off, on return attempting a clothesline.. HHH ducks and grabs his neck, slamming him hard against the canvas with a cool and solid Neckbreaker... The Game has now got the advantage and loves it, smirking as he gets to his feet... Rhino meanwhile has rolled away to the opposite corner and slowly gotten up, both men yet again stare each other down until wham, Rhino runs at him, spearing him into the corner, shoulder barge, shoulder barge, left hook, slap to the chest and whip across the ring, he follows with another spear, HHH falls down and The Man-Beast stomps away at him. This match is emotionally charged, physically charged and both men will not walk away happy, unless their world champion... and wait, Rhino low blows HHH, he's back up, lefts, rights, The World Champion is battling back to defend his gold, beating The Game towards the ropes and sending him back across the ring.. flapjack! Connected with power.. Rhino isn't done, yet again pulling him up, this time snapping his neck hard with a Double Arm DDT and going for the cover.. could this be all?.. One... Two.. Kick Out! Not by a long shot yet, it was a strong two by HHH, a weak count by the referee and Rhino isn't happy, getting into the face off the referee, eventually walking away, turns around and GORE GORE GORE!! Rhino just Gored The poor referee, how despicable is that, and we've seen some nasty stuff..... but the fans love it! The Man-Beast turns around in pure anger, walking into a mind blowing right hand by HHH... he's back into the action and already, it didn't take long.. The Game soon smashes Rhino's head off his knee and off bounces Rhino.. turning around dazed, his eyes glazed over.. walking strait into a kick to the gut and.. PEDIGREE!!! HHH Scores with a Pedigree, this has to be all.. surely and certainly.. he covers... One... Two.... Three..   Four... Theirs no referee, and what's this.. I cannot believe it, it's Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian, all three men bolt to the ring and enter.. Trips stares them down.. what's going on here... what could be the meaning of this!? Wait... ANGLE SLAM TO EDGE!! Christian can't believe it and attacks Angle, The Olympic Champion isn't having any of it and lobs The self proclaimed People's Champion to the outside.... HHH laughs and doesn't see it coming... thru the crowd comes Austin, into the ring with a chair and.. WHACK! Sickening Thud to The Game, a chair shot to the back of the head and he's down.. Austin and Angle hug, for Christ sake, is this WRESTLEMANIA or Huggy Bears Television? Wait, what's this.. it's Christian and Rhino, both men are back up and... STUNNER!! STUNNER!!! RHINO JUST GOT STUNNERED AND CHRISTIAN WALKS INTO A HUGE CHAIR SHOT FROM KURT ANGLE.. THIS POWERTRIP IS UN-STOPPABLE... Rhino, HHH, Edge and Christian are all down... Austin and Angle celebrate in the middle of the ring... wait, the arena has gone dark... what's this all about.... 5.... 4.... 3.... 2... 1... 00... "BREAK DOWN THE WALLS.... Break down the walls"... IT'S CHRIS JERICHO! The lights quickly go back on but their is no sign of him on the entrance ramp, Angle and Austin start laughing.. but turn around to see Y2J standing behind them with a chair.. we all saw it coming.. why didn't they... WHACK! Shot to Austin.. WHACK! Shot to Angle, but Y2J missed and The Olympic Champion rolls to safety, what a wimp, what a pussy... Kurt pulls Austin out of the ring and helps him backwards up the ramp.. Y2J follows.. keeping them at bay so HHH can defeat Rhino.. suddenly, Edge and Christian to everyone's surprise is back in the ring with two chairs, I don't get this... I Thought they were down and out already.... HHH is up by now... he turns around and both E n' C are awaiting... CON-CHAIR-TO!!! GOODNIGHT TRIPLE FUCKING H!! The Game falls in a crippled heap on the canvas and Rhino puts an arm over to cover... the referee is awoken by Edge and counts... One... Two.. Three! Ding Ding Ding.. it's all over, Rhino has defended his championship and it was a setup all along, this was meant to happen, Angle, Edge and Christina all had the same idea and when it came to the crunch, we had a huge battle on our hands... and it's not over... Angle and Austin are hugging and laughing at the top of the entrance way as Y2J turns around and notices in shock that Edge, Christian and Rhino.. Team Reck are all celebrating in the ring... The scene fades and Wrestlemania leaves with the triple scene... one of Kurt Angle, Steve Austin and a now onto the rampway, Vince McMahon.. One of Edge, Christian and Rhino.. and the final one of Y2J standing alone in the middle of this, with HHH knocked out in the ring.. what a RAW Monday is going to be!