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RPER OF THE MONTH: The Rock - Eddie Guerrero

REASON: This was very hard to decide considering both men have posted the total each and everyweek for the whole of the month.. The Rock went undefeated in 3 yet Eddie Guerrero has made great work of every match he's been involved in. I've decided to get both these men the Roleplayer Of The Month award for the following reasons.

THE ROCK: MJ has been a credit to the RIW with his amazing in character Rock roleplays everyweek. Since day one he has put in a tremendous amount of effort, busting out Roleplays early every week, winning himself the Zero-Lite Championship and establishing himself at the Pay Per View as the next World Championship Contender. MJ deserves everything he gets and has helped make RAW Impact Wrestling a great place to be at.

EDDIE GUERRERO: Ryan joined late in the two weeks as Eddie Guerrero, strait away getting 3 Roleplays up and just missing out on the Main Event at D-I by coming runner up in his respective battle royal. Ryan continued on though, still busted his ass and when worst to came to worst as the Contenders to the World Championship departed, he was quick in line to face off in their place. Week in and week out he has proved that he deserves to be where he's at and in one month his achievements are amazing. Ryan is an outstanding Roleplayer with pure desire and dedication for the RIW.


REASON: Although the RIW hasn't had a Champion for a whole month, this was between The Rock and Triple H.. two of the first ever Champions. The Rock takes this one though due to actually beating his Roleplaying opponent.. although it wasn't HHH's fault Rhino no showed, The Rock had a huge challenge in Randy Orton and somehow over-came it to win the title. Rock then went on to beat Orton, Jindrak and Undertaker on the next show in a 3 on 3.. proving he's truely worthy of the title he held.


REASON: I think some people may disagree with this forgetting that Brian was actually Kurt Angle for a month.. indeed he was. You see, he was Angle for 3 shows but 4 weeks if you count the two weeks before the first show.. he posted roleplays to the limit and in each one showed the correct angry yet in respect childish side of Kurt Angle. His Roleplays were amazing and his attitude towards winning just as good.. he did a great job utalizing Team Angle to perfection, grabbing not only Kurt as a heel.. but Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin too.. Brian is truely deserving on this award for his hard work and effort.


REASON: For a month now Craig has somehow managed to keep Randy Orton's cocky character yet also utalize him as a face in a feud with two heels (Kane and Taz). With few faces in the RIW he pulled off a natural heel character to perfection as face. This shows great versatility as a Roleplay and pure dedication to a cause. I think anybody who see's Randy being played face yet continuing to be cocky must be relivity surprised.. although at the PPV he regained his heel status, he still pulled off a great feat in one month.

MATCH OF THE MONTH: The Rock verses Mark Jindrak

REASON: The choice for this catagory will surprise most of you asThe Rock verses Mark Jindrak may not of stuck in your mind, yet it has in mine. After a great start, both men fought for the push, they fought for the start they both needed and somehow Rock overcame the odds and defeated Mark Jindrak. Another reason this match was so great, not only did we get an awesome winner, but an awesome Loser too.. a guy who continued on, Roleplaying, working hard, busting his ass to create a gimmick for a character barely known.. both guys put on an excellent match in which will definately be stuck in my mind and the Vault til the day RIW closes.

MOST CONSISTANT OF THE MONTH: Randy Orton - The Rock - Eddie Guerrero

REASON: Their was alot of guys worthy of this award, yet I decided on three men who have each pulled off seperate feats whilst being dedicated Roleplayers. All three men have not failed in posting the limit for every show and usually pretty early too.. most people in the RIW have been this dedicated and i'd like to point that out.


REASON: The Rock's roleplays time after time inspired me and made me laugh.. they never failed a comical moment between The Rock, Vince McMahon and Ken Shamrock. Always producing something to bring a smile to my face.. if you ever need a laugh, The Rock is your man and only a few amount of people can produce that.. MJ is one of them.

SERIOUS OF THE MONTH: The Undertaker - Brock Lesnar

REASON: Both The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar this month have produced vital serious Roleplays.. both realizing that their characters are not the joking type and pulling off hugely serious Roleplays to perfection.. making sure that not only were they serious, yet enjoyable to read.. this isn't easy and is definately a hard feat to capture.

UP AND COMING: Mark Jindrak - Christian

REASON: Both Mark Jindrak and Christian have been here for a whole month now, working harder and harder as the weeks move by, each grasping a new piece of their character along the way. Since day one I have believed that Mark Jindrak has had un recognized talent, worthy of being unleashed and I believe every week he unleashes a new piece of that talent and will eventually make it big in the RIW.. his persistance is amazing and aslong as he keeps striving forward he will continue making a name for himself. Christian on the other hand hasn't let himself down, yet at the same time hasn't pushed to get Roleplays up early and make that big impact.. although week by week you notice he tries harder or gets his character down further. I'm sure Christian will continue moving forward with his character and is also taking constructive critizm to help make his character better.. once he utalizing that critizm and works off the advice given, himself and Edge will find themselves huge contenders for The Tag Titles.


REASON: Kane has been busting his ass since day one here in the RIW and has headlined many main events, including the up and coming Exile. He is definately over-looked by the RIW roster, although not by Management. This award goes to Kane for his continious dedication, commitment an consistansy. Hopefully, from this point out people will start to recognize his talent and start reading his Kane Roleplays. This is a huge thankyou award Kane.. a thankyou for everything you have done for the RIW and myself, your a great Roleplayer and aslong as you continue, you'll get to where you deserve to be and get all the recognition you deserve.