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Roleplay # : 001
Won: 00 Lost: 00 Drawn: 00
Next Match: Vs RaVen - Smackdown
Career Accomplishments: None Yet


The scene opens up in Atlanta Georgia, inside a very posh hotel. It is packed with people coming and leaving the hotel, then immediatly Theodore Long and Booker T come in the scene all dressed up. They continue to stroll over to receiption.

'5 Time WCW Champion' Booker T : Aiigh man, 'dis is it, Turmoil I am gonna make ma' mark in cee dubya ee, and aint no damn white man is gonna stop da Bookaman from gettin' to dat Tee Vee title.

'The Motivator Of Violence' Theodore Long : 'Dats riigh' Booka, I belee dat, I belee dat you my friend, will indeed...become..the next Tee Vee champ at Superbrawl, but listen up playa, you have to go through some white man before 'dat, infact 'dis white man is too damn white it's jus' ridiculous ma'man, ya' feelin me playa.

Just then, two very posh people bunk Booker and Theodore in the line.

'Posh Man' Donald Kope: Excuse me, could you please take our bags up to our room, we are feeling rather peckish and would like to get a bit to eat as soon as possible.

'5 Time WCW Champion' Booker T : Tell me you didnt just say that, Tell me you didnt just say that, dont chu have any idea who in tha hell you are talkin' to!

'Posh Man' Donald Kope: You are the bell boy, arn't you not.

'The Motivator Of Violence' Theodore Long : Hold up 'der whitey, who in the hell do you think ya' are, 'dis man is Booka T th....

'5 Time WCW Champion' Booker T : 5 TIME 5 TIME 5 TIME 5 TIME 5 TIME WCW CHAMPION, SUCKA

'The Motivator Of Violence' Theodore Long : You belee dat!!

'Posh Man' Donald Kope: Well chop chop, me and my darling wife dont have all day, what is it with you people, I might aswell call the police.

'5 Time WCW Champion' Booker T : Hold up foo!!! I jus' told you dat I aint no damn bell boy, now get chu'or ass outta ma way

'The Motivator Of Violence' Theodore Long : 'Course it was playa, whitey here don't get that he's talkin to tha Bookaman, it is YOU playa who should be put in prison, 'dat is exactly what Martin Luther King fought for in 'dis country, and your spittin' riigh' on his words.

Just then, a security guard comes over to Booker and Theodore.

'The Motivator Of Violence' Theodore Long : Ah, you whitey, whats wit' dis hold up playa, these two damn uppa' class people think they are betta dan us black people, you feelin' me playa, you are black ya'selves.

'5 Time WCW Champion' Booker T : Yeah dawg c,mon, society today is run by 'da white people, I'm sure you dont deserve ta' be workin' in some cheap ass white hotel in Atlan'a now do ya.

'Security Man' Rod Dillon : You damn right man, I'm sick o-dis damn place, run by white trash, I get bossed about by white trash and I had e-damn-nough wit it, I quit ma' damn job here, screw white people.

The security guard walks off acting the "playa" like Booker. After a few brief moments, Booker and Thoedore walk over to a quiet place and sit down.

'The Motivator Of Violence' Theodore Long : Okay, listen up playa, you got yerself an impor'ant match at Turmoil, belee 'dat know white man is gonna defeat chu, especially when you is goin' for the Tee Vee title ma'man, Thursday ma'man, is nex' week, we gotta go through some stuff about how the white hate us black folk, you feelin me playa.

'5 Time WCW Champion' Booker T : Aiigh man, I'm feelin' ya. 'der is know way 'dat some white trash punk like Sting is gonna get in ma way, Turmoil is gonna be MY night, I'm gonna proove to every damn white person, 'dat da Bookaman isnt here to have fun, he's here ta' win titles an' ta' kick some white trash ass, startin' wit Sting. A man 'dat always thought he could steal the spotlight from The Bookaman in dubya cee dubya, but I came out da betta man, I came out a damn 5 TIME WORLD CHAMP, and Sting came out wit' an injury, typical white man.

'The Motivator Of Violence' Theodore Long : I belee dat Booka, I belee dat chu are gonna' shake 'dis industry like Thurgood Marshall shaked law school, Thursday is tha' night of the Bookaman!!

'5 Time WCW Champion' Booker T : Now its time dat' 'dese suckas recognised tha' I am gonna hit 'da cee dubya ee fasta' dan a damn cannonball, see foo, its time dat all you white people got down wit da brown and stop followin' has-beens like Sting, he's white and pathetic, your average white man really, 'dats why he aint got know chance 'gainst me, 'n I will proove 'dat once yo punk ass is down on tha' ground for jus three seconds dawg, and 'dats it, you jus got some taste of black medicine from da Bookaman and da black people who gets treated bad from you white folk. Now Sucka Sting, I jus' hope yo ass makes it ta Turmoil so I can beat it back down to da' dump 'dat chu came from, and once I'm done wit chu, you ass is gonna be anudda


The scene slowly fades away as Theodore and Booker are laughing