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Trudie and Dennis in front of the Cummins house, Rapid City, Michigan in 1953

(top row) Doyle Bradley (eldest), Trudie Sanson, Dennis Bradley, Steven Bradley (front row) Regenia Schmitt (youngest), Donna Harris, Paul Bradley and Marcus Bradley. Family reunion 2003 in Rapid City, Michigan

First cousins picture(top row)Dennis Bradley, David Etcher, David Cummins,(front row) Sarah Watros, Ellen Osborn(sarah's mother), Steven Bradley

(mom) Edna Cummins and 3rd husband Erwin Holder

Ed and Mary Cummins, Mother Sylvia Connor Cummins with Son Floyd

Father Claude Bradley and Sister Doris, Daniel Bradley, John Franklin Bradley

top row: Ted Cummins- age 5, Edna Cummins- age 12, bottom row: Stillman Cummins- age 18, Charles Cummins- age 16

back row: Ellen Osborn b: Oct 1919, Stillman Cummins b:Jun 1921-d:Jul 1980, Charles Cummins b: Aug 1923, front row: Ted Cummins b: Oct 1934, Edna Cummins b: 1927 picture taken 1976.

Cassiseus and Lucy (Cummins) Cobb

3rdggdfather The Shawnee Prophet Tenskwatawa

Mahalia E (Ingram)Smith ggrandmother b:1858 randolph co. Ar. w/ Lena Lewis Father's 1st cousin

Mary E Simmons was married to John Franklin Bradley

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