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Tuesday September 11, 2001
The day, when Panic, Shock, Terror and
Unbelievable sadness gripped everyone, everywhere.
And ANGER, Anger at the horrific loss of innocent lives.
Anger that someone, some group, had violated the
sanctity of this great nation.
A sad day for all Americans and the Free World...

The cowards can not break us, they will NOT win.
They will PAY for what they have done.
Our Leaders, and our Armed Forces will deliver
Painful retribution on these cowards.
We must also do our part by showing solidarity
And restoring normalcy to our lives.
We will NOT be intimadated!

With all that has happened, the people
Of this country have become more united
More proud to be an AMERICAN.
Those rescue workers who are risking
Their lives to save others, and the millions
Who waited in line to donate blood, are a model for us all.

We can, and will make GOOD come out of this
Tragedy. Together, we can do things in the coming
Weeks and months to help make sure that this
Never happens again. Let us all unite.
Let the whole world know that we will
NOT be terrorized. Our flag still stands
For Freedom, and they can't take that away!
Display the American flag on your vehicle, or
In front of your house for the next 30 days,
To show your support, and in memory of those
Who have lost their lives.

No matter where you live in the world,
I urge you to get personally involved.
Give blood, give money, volunteer your time.
Do whatever you can. Call 800-HELP-NOW
Or 800-GIVE-LIFE to find out how to give.
You can also get information at the Red Cross Website

Our thoughts, prayers and hopes go out to all of
The victims, the Support & Rescue teams,
Family & friends of all who have been affected by
Yesterday's cowardly attacks taken against our
Country. God Bless You.

"Proud To Be An American"
By Lee Greenwood

May God's blessings be with us all.

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Created September 13, 2001

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