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The Lenni Lenape Indians
Grades: 4-5

Prior Knowledge:
        Students have prior knowledge in the following areas: reading text for information, locating information, using a computer, using the internet to search for information, taking notes, outlining information, working in groups, and preparing a presentation.

Statement of Learning Goals/Objectives/Standards:
        Students will become familiar with the Lenni Lenape wigwam, including how they, the students,  built their own  replica of a Lenape wigwam.
        Students will locate information to prepare for an oral presentation on their own replica Lenni Lenape village.
        Students will research information on the Lenape wigwam and village.
        Students will write and organize their information.
        Students will create a power point presentation using the information gathered.
        Students will collaborate with each other to prepare their oral presentation.

        4.137 - organize messages appropriate for the audience and purpose
        4.165 - connect and synthesize information from different sources
        4.175 - apply information from printed, electronic, and oral texts to complete authentic tasks
        4.179 - practice research techniques to locate information
        4.183 - use available technology to express ideas and information

Content Connections:
        Students have been working on their Lenni Lenape wigwam that they began construction on earlier in the week.  Students are going to continue to gather information on the Lenni Lenape and will prepare their own power point presentations.  Students will present an oral presentation of both their Lenni Lenape village and their power point slide show to other fourth grade classrooms later in the week.

Instructional Materials:
        paper, pencil, reference materials on the Lenni Lenape Indians, computers with internet access and Microsoft Office (for power point slide show)

Internet Websites on the Lenni Lenape Indians:

Instructional Procedures:
        * Discuss Lenni Lenape village
                - What is included in the village?
                - What will the village look like?
        * Review information about the wigwam and what to include in the presentation
                - Why are the wigwams used?
                - What are they made from?
                - How did we make our own replica wigwams?
        * Continue locating information on the Lenni Lenape and the wigwam using both reference materials and the internet (websites listed above)
        * Take notes on pertinent information gathered  to include in the power point presentation
        * Create power point slide presentation
        * Begin practicing for oral presentations

Evaluation Strategies:
        Because today's lesson will reflect the success of students' oral presentation, they will be graded today on the information that they collect and on their contribution to the class presentation.  All students will be participating in the lesson.  The presentation later in the week will showcase the effort and understanding the students have gained from this lesson.

Follow-Up Activities:
Enrichment: Students will give an oral presentation to other fourth grade classrooms (also studying the Lenni Lenape Indians) concerning their Lenni Lenape wigwams using their constructed village and their power point presentations.